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Salon Q & A: waxing

A visit to the beauty salon is a regular occurrence for some, a luxury treat for others. Here we have some expert tips on how to get the most out of your visit and make the treatments last.

How can I make waxing less painful?
WAXING will never be totally painfree, but there are ways to minimise the discomfort. First, you need to find an experienced, well-trained therapist who will do the job quickly and efficiently. Some people find taking an antiinflammatory painkiller, such as Ibuprofen, an hour before the appointment helps to reduce sensitivity.
Hair should be around half an inch long before waxing, and it may help to trim longer hair a little before you go.
Kirstie Allen, founder of the Pinks Training Academy for beauty therapists and organic skincare Pinks Boutique, says: 'Feeling hormonal, tired or stressed can all affect your pain threshold. 'Keeping skin well moisturised and exfoliating the day before waxing can reduce the pain. Don't moisturise the day of waxing, though, as oil and grease stop the wax adhering to the skin.
'Ask the therapist to clean the area with a cleanser, and if the skin is still damp apply a light dusting of powder, as this will stop wax sticking to the skin. It also makes fair hair easier to see. 'Hold skin taut as the wax is being removed. This keeps an even tension and avoids a "rippling" effect, when hairs are likely to be pulled off unevenly.'
Reduce redness afterwards by applying a cooling lotion. Avoid hot baths and self-tanners for 24 hours. To minimise ingrown hairs, exfoliate and moisturise the area regularly.

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