The next big hair trends for summer

Refresh your look with the ultimate update – a new ‘do.

By Erin Berryman
It's that time of year again… as we approach the end of 2017 we start conjuring up "New Year, new me" resolutions.
From daily morning runs to cutting back on sugar, self-reflection inspires all sorts of goals but often, despite all the best intentions, follow through falls short.
So this time around, why not refresh your look in other ways? And what better (and easier) way is there to switch up your look than a new 'do?
Now To Love asked Jarah Mclaren, senior stylist at Auckland-based hair salon M11 Studio, to weigh in on 2018's biggest hair trends.

The return of the ‘shag’

What goes around comes around, so the saying goes, and in this case it's a welcome blast from the past. The 80s are staging a serious comeback in the best way possible – think Meg Ryan with a modern twist.
"We'll be seeing a revamped return of the 'shag' with disconnected layers and even undercuts," predicts Mclaren.
While born in the late 80s, the style was imitated by millions in the years following thanks to Friends favourite Rachel Green (Jen Aniston).
"Next year, we'll see the shag re-imagined, styled with a contrast of textures and beachy curls," adds Mclaren.
Universally flattering, the modernised shag can be styled at a short or medium length, with accentuated texture, skilfully cut layers and more volume than its 80s counterpart.
If bangs are your thing, the shag is perfectly paired with a fringe too.

Hair scarves

"We will also see a focus towards accessories, especially hair scarves," tells Mclaren. We saw a glimpse of the trend this summer but this time around expect bolder, statement prints.
Whether you choose to save or splurge when it comes to your scarf, one thing's for sure, its versatility will justify every dollar. From turban style to haute headbands, there's a style for every 'do – even bedhead days, just pull your tresses into a messy bun and loop your scarf around.

Bronde or Brave?

Can't decide – blonde or brunette? Try bronde! You're no longer confined to one or the other with the rising colour trend that fuses brown and blonde to create a flattering, sun-kissed result.
"It's a more personalised hue matched to the client's skin tone and eye colour," explains Mclaren, who creates the look combining muted blonde with natural depth.
The best part? It's an incredibly low maintenance colour, so there's no need for excessive touch-ups. Hailed as "the next evolution of balayage" by Mclaren, and embraced by Hollywood's 'it' crowd, it's definitely the trend to try this season.
Now for the brave, Mclaren anticipates we'll be seeing more vibrant, punchy fluorescent colour this summer.
In keeping with 2017's 'unicorn hair' trend, we'll continue to see splashes of colour from statement blue to technicolour ends, next year is looking bright.
Whether you want to be daring for a month, a week, or just a day, there's an option out there for everyone.
Regardless of shade, Mclaren recommends professional hair care in addition to salon visits to ensure colour longevity and optimum condition.
"In order to get the best out of your hair, it's important to source professional advice as haircare is very individual and a tailored range will target your hair type, needs and goals."