3 ways to stay hydrated this summer

Want to stay refreshed and healthy over the warmer months? Ensuring your body is properly hydrated is key.

Ahh summer, a time for cocktails by the pool, generous servings of food (healthy eating plan starts January 1st, right?) and relaxing with family and friends.

But between all these fantastic summer activities, our healthy habits tend to slip a little.

Nutritious breakfasts are often traded for coffee catch-ups and workouts become interchangeable with lounging in the sun. What do these activities have in common?

They’re incredibly dehydrating. But these aren’t the only factors working against your parched body.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the heat, fluid loss and strenuous exercise can affect hydration levels – so perhaps reschedule that big mountain climb you were definitely going to do.

This doesn’t mean cutting out all your favourite activities though (believe us, the boozy brunches can stay!); just be mindful of a few things and make slight adjustments where necessary.

1) Watch your fluid intake

This one may be obvious, but two litres of water will do a world of good for your body. Water not only helps the body flush out toxins but aids digestion and increases energy levels.

If you’re drinking two litres of water a day and are still feeling parched, consider your other fluid intake.

If between glasses of water you’re consuming generous glasses of vino, you’re negating the effects of all the water you’re drinking.

In an article on Food & Wine, owner of BZ Nutrition, Brigitte Zeitlin, explains that while no alcohol is hydrating, choosing drinks with a lower alcohol content can help (try a beer!).

If you’re rolling your eyes right now because eurgh giving up alcohol and drinking water sounds unappealing, aim to consume water in other ways.

Fruits and veggies have various levels of water in them – try pineapple, strawberries, watermelon or celery – and will replenish your fluid levels.

2) Be mindful of your workout

While exercise is extremely beneficial for the body (and mind), working out in summer can cause you to lose much-needed water when you sweat.

During your workout, if you lose more fluid than you’re taking in you run the risk of dehydration (think: dizziness, headaches and fatigue – fun!)

To keep you feeling nourished and hydrated, Live Science recommends avoiding alcohol the day before a long workout, beginning a workout hydrated and replenishing your fluid levels after an exercise session – for workouts under 60 minutes they suggest water, anything more and they suggest sports drinks containing electrolytes.

Another trick to determine if you’ve lost too much water? Live Science says to weigh yourself before and after your workout: if you’ve lost weight immediately, you need to drink some water.

3) Make friends with hydrating beauty products

Now that your insides are feeling the hydro-love, it’s time to work on your exterior – which let’s face it, can suffer a bit of a dry and flaky beating in the warmer weather.

Invest in some hair masks that are specifically designed for dry, brittle hair – your locks will thank you.

After washing your hair mask out, begin exfoliating your body in the shower, this will remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling smooth.

Follow with a hydrating razor – yes it’s a real thing! – so your underarms and legs are #beyondsmooth and ready for summer.

Schick has actually created three razors (Hydro Silk range: Schick Hydro Silk, Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle and Schick Hydro Silk Disposables) that hydrate your skin for up to two hours after shaving. They’ve used a water-based Hydra-Renew serum and Shea butter so your legs are hydrated and silky smooth – giving you a confidence-boost for all those poolside activities you planned in September.

Finish by applying a hydrating and nourishing body moisturiser (in addition to a sunscreen, not instead of) and applying a lip balm with SPF in it.

Schick products are available in stores now.

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