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5 ways to soothe sunburn

Wendyl Nissen shares her top sunburn remedies for you and your family.
5 ways to soothe sunburn

A really easy way not to get sunburned is to cover up – put on a hat and a cotton long-sleeve shirt and seek out shade whenever possible. That way you aren’t relying on sunscreen being applied to every inch of your skin. In my experience, a spot always gets missed and that’s when sunburn happens. Here are some fabulous sunburn remedies  I’ve collected over the years:

1. I keep an aloe vera plant in a pot for the healing properties of the gel in its leaves. Simply cut a leaf off, run a sharp knife down the centre of one side and open it out to reveal the gel. This is great for sunburn as well as kitchen burns.

2. Another sunburn remedy is sage. Make a tea by covering a handful of fresh sage leaves with boiling water and leave covered for 20 minutes. Strain and pour into a spray bottle. Keep it in the fridge.

3. Add one cup of cider vinegar to a bath to help balance the pH of sunburned skin and promote healing.

4. Put a cup of rolled oats in a handkerchief and tie at the top. Put in a bath and use the sachet to rub on sore skin. This will also prevent itching.

5. Blitz cucumber in a blender and apply as a paste to sore spots. This provides extra relief.

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