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The top 5 fashion trends for summer

Head into Summer in style thanks to these signature pieces from EziBuy.
ezibuy summer fashion trends

As the days get longer and the temperature heats up, it’s time to throw off that extra layer of clothing and think about your new summer wardrobe.

These on-trend looks from EziBuy offer up the key items you need to ensure you’re up-to-date, feeling your best, and floating into the next season in style.

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Trend #1 Linen

Natural fibres are our go-to for summer, and linen has become the must-wear fabric of the season thanks to its ability to keep you cool. But we’re not just talking cool in the literal sense – we’re also talking Grace Kelly in a speedboat on the French Riviera kind of cool.

Linen is breathable, it’s sustainable, and above all it’s chic. Think flowy dresses, billowing culottes and lightweight jumpsuits paired with oversized sunglasses and you’ll have this look nailed.

Trend #2 Woven

Woven is another key look for summer. All about texture and wearability, woven says laid-back, it says effortless, it says natural.

Give your outfit an artisnal look with a cross-body bag, or show off this style with an open weave shoe. Eclectic and fun, the trick to this trend is letting it shine by dialling back the rest of your outfit.

Trend #3 Broderie

Broderie is this season’s must-have trend. Add that boho vibe to your wardrobe with romantic, feminine lace detailing.

Broderie gives you all of the benefits of a lace look with much more wearability. Incorporating embroidery, cutwork and needle lace, broderie is versatile, it’s durable and it’s here to stay.

Trend #4 Urban Jungle

We’re inspired by nature this season, and the urban jungle vibe is all about bringing the outside in.

Be bold with a snakeskin pattern or add a touch of femininity with dreamy flower prints. The urban jungle trend is all about confidence. It says ‘I’ve arrived,’ without being overly flashy.

Trend #5 Ocean Blues

Keep the holiday vibe going long after the vacation ends with these gorgeous ocean hues. Forget block colours – the ocean is changeable and so too are these looks.

Whether it’s a deep sea blue or a light turquoise Mediterranean shade, there’s an ocean blue to suit every skin tone.

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