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Get the look: Four hair trends

Here's how you can recreate four of this season's hottest hair trends
Get the look: Four hair trends

Hair needs essential minerals and vitamins to stay healthy and full of life – here, we show you how to recreate the season’s four hottest hair trends at home!

Here’s how you can recreate these hair trends from home

No matter the occasion, these looks will see you through the season.

Look One: Apply a strong volume mousse to dry hair, section by section from roots to tips, and blast it in with a blowdryer, shaking your hair with your hands.

Beginning at the top, wind small sections of hair around the small end of a hot wand, clipping them in place to cool as you work your way down to the nape.

When the last section has cooled down remove all the clips and shake out the curl with your fingertips.

Flip your hair into a low side part and finish with an overall layer of Shine Spray. Note: Keep your hairbrush locked away in a drawer whenever you are creating curls.

Look Two: Take a centre parting and apply a smoothing cream section by section from roots to tips.

Blowdry each section smooth with a large natural bristle roll brush

Place slide clips at your temples and crown to hold your hair flat then tie 2 low ponytails at the nape.

Tie the ponytails into a knot, twist one of the tails around to lie flat and secure it with bobby pins

Note: Always have some slide clips tucked in your beauty bag, they can act as an extra pair of hands when you need one.

Look Three: Start with dry hair and prep with a generous amount of Heat Protectant Spray throughout.

Separate your hair into sections. Using a Flat Iron , smooth your hair from roots to tips.

Roll your hair around large rollers and heat them up with a blowdryer to give your locks a bit of bounce.

When your hair has cooled take the rollers out and run a brush through to soften the set.

Note: Freshen up long hair with a blunt fringe that sits just over the brow and be sure to get regular trims to keep it sitting just so.

Look Four: Blowdry your hair using a smoothing cream and a large natural bristle roll brush.

Divide your hair into six large sections ( 3 in the front, 3 in the back ) and wrap each section around a large tong, pinning them up or popping in a roller to cool, as you work.

Take out the rollers and create a horseshoe shaped section from your temples to crown. Split this section in half diagonally and tie each half into loose looped ponytails with elastics.

Wrap the looped ponytails around each other until they form a soft bun at your crown, secure with bobby pins and let the ends fall loose.

Note: This is a sweet update on the ballet knot that can take you from day to night with very little effort.

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