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Expert guide: active wear

The health and fitness industry is bigger than it’s ever been. Science has proven time and time again that there are no short cuts or wonder pills that can make you fit and healthy – the only solution is to eat well and exercise regularly.

If you live by this, it will become a way of life. It’s the small positive things you do each day that compound into something to be proud of.

So if you’re not doing this already, the time has come to make a change. Find an activity that you enjoy that is also well suited to your body. If you make it hard on yourself, you’ll find it difficult to get started and hard to maintain.

A daily activity I enjoy rain or shine is walking my puppy Jax. As long as I’m wrapped up warm, we pound the pavement every morning. If you need more incentive, there is some stylish fitness apparel in the shops to make you look and feel great while you exercise.

So get some active gear on and get out there – your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

  • Sports clothing can be very expensive, and that can put people off starting exercise. Shanton has an amazing range called Active Sport. I was very impressed by how well-priced it was, while still offering great, durable fabrics and built-in bust support panels in some tops. They have dry-fit leggings and T-shirts which are necessary when doing activities that make you sweat – they’re soft and comfortable and draw sweat away from your skin. Make sure you take a look

  • We’re all built differently and move differently. While some of us supinate, which is when our foot rolls out as we strike the ground, others pronate, which is when the foot rolls inwards. Some of us are neutral – when your knee tracks over your foot in a comfortable range. Whatever your type, it’s important to have the correct shoes to prevent injury

  • oerino wool tops are fantastic to throw on after you’ve been working out. I love to wear mine running as they are very fine, breathe well and once the body is all warmed up you can tie it around your waist – you’ll hardly know it’s there. And of course, the best thing is they’re machine washable and dry quickly

How to get more wear from your sport shoes:

  1. Always undo the laces and loosen the shoe before taking them off. otherwise you can stretch them and fatigue the fibres that support your foot.

  2. Alternate your shoes. once one pair is starting to wear out, purchase your next pair and alternate wearing them. This will give each shoe time to dry and refresh, and will also be better for your feet while you break in the new pair.

  3. Never leave your shoes wet. After activity in the rain, pop your shoes on the hot water cylinder, or by the fire, heater or towel rail.

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