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Detox your wardrobe

The gloominess of winter is almost over and the whiff of spring in the air has us itching to make room for the fabulous line-up of new trends. What better way to emerge from winter’s cocoon than with a clean, revised wardrobe and a new attitude to keep it that way. So throw open those wardrobe doors and dust off the cobwebs with our fool-proof strategy.

Remember, the thing to keep in mind is “honesty is the best policy”. Yes, that’s right, you are never going to wear that hot pink, fluffy crop-top again, are you?

Step 1: Action Stations Clear a space in your bedroom for two sections – “in” and “out” – leaving enough room for three piles in each category. Take every item out of your wardrobe, try it on and sort it appropriately. Be ruthless!

Step 2: The “out” Pile Sort the clothes in this pile into one of three groupings:

  • Inappropriate – Add all the winter pieces you won’t need over the next six months. Neatly fold your winter pieces and pack them into boxes to store somewhere dry until next season. 

  • outdated – Ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this?” If it was over a year ago, it belongs in this pile.

  • Ill-fitting – Add any uncomfortably tight or gaping-at-the-buttons items to this pile. You can sell some of the pieces in these last two piles to second-hand clothing stores or donate them to charity.

Step 3: The “In” Pile The “in” pile clothing should be divided into:

  • Dry cleaning – A professional press can breathe life into an old garment. Check for marks to advise your cleaner about.

  • Repairs – Look for loose hems and lost buttons. You can mend these yourself or take them to your local alteration service.

  • Washing – Give your wardrobe a fresh start by freshly laundering absolutely everything else.

Step 4: The clean out Wipe down the inside of your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new coat hangers. They don’t need to be expensive, but hangers in a uniform colour will give visual clarity and a sense of order. Utilise your space by attaching a shoe organiser or hooks to the back of the wardrobe door for your bags and scarves.

Step 5: A new you Your newly sorted wardrobe is now a temple of cleanliness and order. The trick is to keep it that way. Every night from now on, make a conscious effort to make sure your clothes are sorted and kept clean. Eventually, it will be as natural as breathing. Best of all, it will make next season’s big sort-out as easy as a summer’s breeze!

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