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Normal daily tasks can be difficult and frustrating when you are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. But a little wardrobe planning can alleviate added stress and help you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Choose a small collection of mix-and-match pieces that will see you through your treatment period with ease. If you’d like to mix things up a little, you can accessorise with hats, scarves and jewellery.


  • Breathable, natural fabrics like cotton, modal and silk are ideal for irritable, sensitive skin.

  • Wrinkle-look fabrics are perfect if you are experiencing fatigue symptoms and need to lie down during the day as there’s no need to worry about about creases!


  • Avoid wearing black or dull colours close to your face during treatment as these colours will wash out most complexions and accentuate any problems with your skin.


  • Choose a firm-soled, comfortable style and avoid high heels if you can.

  • If you must wear heels for work, opt for a low, chunky heel or wedge and keep a flat pair of shoes under your desk for emergencies!

Sleepwear and hospitalwear

  • Whether you’re at home or in hospital, a new dressing gown, pair of slippers and sleepwear are great treats that make you feel special.

  • Choose open-front tops and nighties for easy access when your arms and bust are sore. Avoid pyjama pants if your stomach is also uncomfortable


  • Post-surgery bodies can feel sore and sensitive for months. To be as comfortable as possible, choose simple styles, making sure no bulky seams, zips, buttons or closures irritate or cause pressure on these areas.

  • A pair of black pants is a great go-anywhere, wear – with any thing piece


  • Your new bust will require special undergarments. Post-surgery, you will feel too sore for a bra but when you are ready you could try a soft, fitted camisole for modesty and gentle support.

  • once healed, you should have a consultation with a mastectomy bra specialist, who will talk you through your options and fit you properly. Specialists around the country can be found by searching “mastectomy bras” on the Yellow website,

Hats and headscarfs

  • Hair loss is often a part of living with cancer and can be a traumatic experience. oany women feel like they are losing their femininity and struggle to feel confident. Turbans, scarves and hats are a great way to deal with hair loss stylishly and feel gorgeous again. There are many ways to tie and style a scarf, some of which we have tried out in the photos above…

  • Hats with brims shade you from the sun but remember to wear a scarf or sunscreen underneath

Sun Protection

  • Radiation and chemo treatments cause your skin to become ultrasensitive to sun damage. Choose long-sleeved, high-necked tops, and trousers in tightly woven fabrics.

  • Don’t forget to wear sunblock every day – the sun can catch you when you least expect it.


  • Your weight may fluctuate up or down during various cancer treatments so look for floaty or stretchy styles to accommodate these changes.

october is Breast Cancer Action oonth and the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation needs you! Visit find out how you can get involved and help save the lives of Kiwi women.

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