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Break up your black wardrobe

If you’re anything like most Kiwi women, your winter wardrobe is full of black! Nothing wrong with that – black makes for a great base. But sometimes just a splash of colour is all we need to lift our look, improve our mood and add flair to an outfit. Colours are also a great way to draw attention to your best assets. Choose colours that suit your skin tone (see ‘How to dress for your complexion’ for more).

AccessoriseSpice up a plain outfit with a brightly coloured pair of shoes, earrings, belt, scarf, necklace or headband. Just be aware anything close to your face is the right hue for your skin tone. You’ll make more of a statement by choosing a single coloured item.

AccentWear a coloured tank or shirt under a neutral blazer or cardigan for a more subtle approach.

Mix it upBeware of risky combinations in which the colours compete for attention. That includes red-green, yellow-purple and blue-orange combos. Don’t write them off altogether though – just opt for the right shades. one dominant colour and one muted, such as bright pink with olive green or burnt orange and grey-purple can look stunning.

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