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What it’s like to get laser hair removal

We get it off, all off.

We all know that body hair is a wondrous thing. It does tons of important stuff like keeps you warm and safe from dirt and germs – and lots of women embrace it.

However if you prefer to be silky–smooth here, there and everywhere – read on, this is for you.

If you’ve tried every hair removal technique under the sun but nothing really works for you, and you’re looking for a solution that won’t leave you red, itchy, prickly and miserable, you’re in luck – because so was I six months ago, but now I am sorted!

A little bit about me: I’m naturally blessed with ridiculously thick hair which is a fantastic for my head, but a real pain everywhere else.

After spending years battling with razors on my bikini line (a nightmare, when the hair would grow back basically overnight into scratchy prickles) I eventually switched to waxing.

While I only ever went to nice fancy waxing salons where I would pay good money for brazillians, I still never had very good results.

Because my body hair is so thick and wavy – I would always end up covered in painful ingrown hairs which would then result in angry-looking red scars.

To make matters even worse, I also ended up on antibiotics twice from getting infected hair follicles, making me super sick with nasty fevers.

I’m not insane by the way, at this point of course I did decide that enough was enough and I was going to just EMBRACE my natural hair covered body.

It was then however, that I was approached by Off Wax & Laser who asked if I would like to try laser hair removal.

Prior to my first appointment, I consulted my close friend about whether or not lasering my vagina off would mean I wasn’t a feminist anymore, but she assured me that being a feminist was all about being able to make your own choices – Hurrah!

After meeting with the lovely ladies at OFF for a consult where I was fully briefed on the ins and outs of laser, I was then faced with a big decision – how much hair I actually wanted to remove from my bikini area.

While yes, it can be a controversial style, I made the decision to zap it all off, every little bit.

I know, I know, but hear me out.

It wasn’t because of any terrible societal pressures to have a perfectly hairless porn-esque vagina – it was mostly because after years of waxing my poor bits, the whole front-y bit had a million scars on it – which I was assured laser would definitely help.

Plus, I knew that if I only lasered the side-y bits I’d just end up shaving the front off later down the track, so thought that I might as well do the whole shabam at once.

Since then, I’ve had four treatments and have six to go – and while I’m definitely not bald as a badger down there yet, it’s pretty darn smooth.

As ridiculous as it sounds, laser has actually changed my life. The ingrowns that used to make me miserable and literally unwell have all cleared up, and my scars have faded so much.

Plus, my once-thick hairs have diminished down to silky little whisperies that you can hardly see.

While yes, there is a chance that one day I might wish I had all my hairs back – I’m willing to take that risk.

Laser hair removal is definitely not for everyone – but it was really great for me and I 100 per cent recommend it if you’re struggling to find something that works for you and your furry bits.

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