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Turn up the volume on your hair

If your hair is already styled but looking a little lifeless, here are a couple of ways you can give it a boost.

When your hair is already styled but it’s looking a little lifeless, there are a couple of ways you can give it a boost.

Powder-based products have an instant bulking effect and they’re especially useful at soaking up excess oil when you haven’t got time to start your ‘do from scratch.

They come in sprinkle-on varieties, dry shampoos or ultra-fine spray texturisers. Another quick remedy for hair that is sitting too flat on your head is a bit of backcombing at the roots. Too easy!

Give it a go:

(1) Joico Hair Shake Liquid-to-Powder Finishing Texturizer, $34, helps to create volume at the roots and lush texture. Backcomb in half the time it takes with a regular comb with (2) teeze w/eez to go, $16.10.

If you think your choice of shampoo and conditioner won’t make a difference, think again. Give your tresses that extra oomph by showering with volumising shampoo and conditioner. They work to swell the cuticle and help to give your hair a much thicker look and feel, as well as making it more manageable to style. Give it a go: As well as a thickening complex, (3) Hask Mint Almond Oil Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, $15 each, has peppermint oil to stimulate your scalp.

Slip in some hair extensions for instant thickness. They come in various lengths and can even be styled with heated tools. Choose a shade that closely matches your own or create depth by going lighter or darker. Simply clip away a section of hair, tease at the roots, attach the extension into place, then unclip your natural hair to lay over the top. They’re very convincing! Give it a go: (4) Mita Hair Extension 15cm, $9.99.

A good blow-dry can transform your lifeless locks into a bouncy, beautiful mane. Here’s how to get a salon-worthy style:

1 If you style your hair from wet, it will become flat, so begin by blow-drying it without a brush until it’s 85% dry.

2 Then you need to work a light hair mousse in the hair to help create a good base. Doing this will help give your locks volume and hold your style in place.

3 Now apply a thickening spray before styling. Ensure even coverage from the roots to mid-lengths, with more on the areas where you want maximum volume.

4 A natural bristle barrel or radial-style brush is perfect for adding volume because it helps to lift the roots of your hair as you blow-dry. Start at the roots, lifting your hair with the brush and drying in sections. If you find it easier, you can begin by sectioning your hair off in clips.

Give it a go:(5) Kerastase Materialiste, $39, is a spray-gel that visibly thickens each strand without any stiffness. It’s all about the base and (6) Toni & Guy Prep Volume Plumping Mousse, $9.99, will help you keep that full-of-body feel all day long.

If you find yourself all fingers and thumbs with a blow-dryer and brush, try the (7) Remington Hot Air Styler, $49.99. It dries and styles at the same time, with interchangeable brushes.

If it’s glamorous volume you’re after, rollers are exactly what you need. For maximum volume, make sure you roll them all the way up to the scalp, before clipping into place. Leave to cool before spritzing with a little hair spray, then remove the rollers and softly brush out the curls to your desired style.

Give it a go: (8) VS Sassoon Secret Curl Hot Rollers, $119.99, have a special silicone pop-up style that does away with tricky clips.

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