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Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty product is less than $10

And it's available in your local supermarket.
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Meghan Markle might be marrying a prince, but she’s not above shopping for a good bargain.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Beauty Banter, Markle spoke of her love for a beauty product you can find at your local supermarket – Nivea’s Firming Body Lotion Q10 Plus!

“I use this religiously…” said Meghan. “It’s honestly my favourite lotion on the market, it’s so affordable, and makes my skin look and feel amazing. I would buy a case of this at a time if I could find it.”

The lotion nourishes the skin and leaves it smoother and firmer after two weeks – and is just $6 at the Warehouse.

Meghan will need to make sure the lotion is stocked in Europe if she’s planning to move to chilly London.

This week it was reported that Meghan is relocating to England with her mum and two dogs to be closer to Prince Harry – another sign of an upcoming royal engagement announcement.

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