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Kelly Thompson’s beauty routine

Melbourne-based illustrator and art director, Kelly Thompson, reveals her favourite products for daytime and nights out.

Morning routine

I get straight in the shower before breakfast because I’m terrible in the morning and need a shower ASAP to feel alive.

I wash my hair every two to three days or if I have something special going on, but I wash my fringe daily.

It’s terribly unattractive, but I tie my hair in a ponytail, cover it with a shower cap and pull my fringe out the front so I can wash it without wetting the rest of my hair.

I use Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner, it gives me moisture without flattening my hair – the bigger hair the better I say!

I usually put an argan oil on my ends before drying. Lately I’ve been braiding my hair when wet and blow drying the braids to set because I love giant crimped hair with a straight fringe. I don’t like to use a huge amount of hair product because I like light fluffy hair.

In terms of skincare, I’m doing my best to use products entirely free of parabens, animal testing or any other bad things – almost there!

I was a terrible zit face and was on Isotane a few times when I was younger so as an adult I’m very careful with my skin and have spent a lot of time repairing acne damage.

Now it’s looking good I want to make it last so I use a lot of active cosmeceuticals. I change my products all the time as I find my skin responds well when I change every now and then.

This is what I’m up to at the moment:

I wash my face with Aspect Dr Gentle Facial Cleanser – I hate needing extras to remove make-up and this is a good gentle light foam that removes make-up in one rinse.

Then (to save time) I mix Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum with PCA Skin vitamin C serum and smear them on.

If I’m a little dry I follow with Aspect Dr Hylauronic Serum.

Then a final big drink of Aspect Phytostat 9, Societe Ultimate Eye Lift, but like to mix eye cream up regularly.

I then apply Mecca Cosmetica “In a Good Light” SPF 30+.


I don’t wear foundation anymore, because now that I’m looking after my skin I don’t need it, my skin is better without it!

Instead I use Rationale Beautiful Light Superfluid, it’s SPF 50 and not much thicker than water, but gives you an instant glow! I often also alternate Rational products in my skincare routine too.

I currently use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes.

If I feel a bit shiny I use RMS ‘Un’ Powder on my T-Zone and I use RMS cream blushes – I LOVE how dewy they are, and they’re organic food grade ingredients and entirely cruelty-free. My favourite at the moment is called “Smile” I get my RMS from Mecca.

I just comb up my brows now because I had microblading (feather tattoos) last year.

I then usually do a line of black eyeliner and smudge it in with a brown RMS eyeshadow, then curl my lashes with a Manicare eyelash curler and put about 4 coats of mascara on!

I’ve always used Max Factor 2000 Calorie, but am in search of an animal-friendly option!

Out and about

I am the most low-key person once I leave the house, I carry a clutch purse often because all I ever take is lip gloss or lipstick, my wallet, keys and phone.

I found that once I started using better skin care and products, my make-up didn’t really need to be touched up during the day.

If I am going out for the day and then straight out for dinner after I’ll just take a comb, my RMS powder, concealer and lipstick. Easy.

From day to night

I keep my day and night routine pretty similar, but would usually beef up my eye make-up application – I’m a huge fan of gold on the eyes.

I also add highlighter; I recently received Mecca’s Enlightened Lit from Within Illuminating Balm and have been enjoying that. Rationale have a lovely Beautiful Light highlighter and also Beautiful Bronze Superfluid which I use to softly contour in my cheekbones and add light to my top lip and the top of my cheekbones, they are so light and natural looking and don’t cover your skin.

Then hair is probably my main thing, groomed hair is instantly rejuvenating. I just use my GHD to curl my ends under and get my fringe in place – no product needed.

I quite often add a facemask either the day before or a few hours before the event, I very often have a facemask on while working!

My favourite masks are:

If I’m breaking out – Cosmedix Clear Mask with Charcoal

If I’m looking dull – Cosmedix Glow Bamboo or Rationale Immunologist Mask

Bedtime routine

I wash my face with the Aspect Dr gentle cleanse, ah easy!

Then I use a retinol product Biopelle Retriderm Mild 5%, the Societe Eye Cream, then I slather my face with moisturiser.

Either Dr Spiller Collagen Crème (which smells so Nanna and is lilac) or the Aspect Dr Phytostat 9.

I used to use terrible things filled with alcohol because I was so greasy and so zitty and they were promoted as the cure.

How many zitty teens used full-on toners in an attempt to kill zits when they only strip the skin and make the skin more oily!

Now I’ve realised I’m more prone to breakouts if my products are harsh or my skin is dry, so I’m all about gentle hydration and protection. I never put my face in the sun without sunscreen and wear a hat whenever I can – I am all about prevention!

Beauty favourites

I am lucky that one of my clients is a beauty therapist (hence the product list!), so I have regular treatments on my skin.

Previously we were focused on scarring damage, but now we are really focused on fading pigmentation and uniform skin texture.

Last month I had a Clear and Brilliant gentle laser treatment, it was soooo good, my skin was so radiant in the following weeks. I also love a light peel or to have a nap under an LED lamp!

At the moment I am going to Clinicalase in Carlton a lot as I’ve been working with them on imagery for their clinic. I also love a hydrafacial with Fiona at The Dr’s Studio in Malvern.

I get my nails done at the best little salon down the road from my house called Tommy’s Nails, there is one girl who files to perfection and they do SNS for $35!

To get my hair done I either go to my pal Rachel Winter, or I go to Chris at Meddlers in Toorak.

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