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Revolutionary skincare products

Here are some of the latest ways to improve your complexion.

By Nicky Pellegrino

The world of beauty doesn’t hold still for a minute, with new products and ideas appearing constantly. Here are some of the latest ways to improve your complexion.

Keep it clean

Stand by for the best new thing... cleansing oils. It may sound like an odd way to clean your skin, but I’ve trialled a couple and they really do dissolve any make-up and leave your complexion looking great. Even greasy skins can benefit: oil will dissolve oil is the theory.

You can create your own blend using jojoba, apricot kernel, rosehip, tamanu and/or argan oil or invest in a ready-made one. I’ve tested Dr LeWinn’s 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil $37.90, recommended for dull skins, and Clarins Total Cleansing Oil $49, a mix of perilla and olive. The idea is to apply to dry skin and massage in. Then emulsify with a few drops of water and keep massaging before rinsing.

TIP – For a deep cleanse, first soak a clean washcloth in steamy water, then press to your face, repeating until all the oil is removed.

CC Creams

The next step on from the popular BB cream (last summer’s beauty hit), colour correcting creams are starting to arrive on our stores. What do they do? Well, it depends which one you choose, but at best they’ll moisturise, prime, sun protect, even eliminate redness and pigmentation – plus provide enough tint and coverage to act as a sheer foundation. There are two so far, and more on the way – Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector SPF 30 $50 and Max Factor CC Cream $29.99.


Serums are designed to deliver potent active ingredients to the skin. They are for anyone concerned about lines, dullness, firmness, etc. So, if you’re not already layering one beneath your moisturiser, it’s time to consider it. Two of the big luxe beauty brands have reformulated their products. Estée Lauder has introduced an improved Advanced Night RepairSynchronized Recovery Complex II $129, a new blend that includes algae and yeast extracts, and is designed to boost the skin’s own night-time cellular repair process. Over at Lancôme, their Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate $125 now has 40% more active ingredients than the original. Closer to home from The Herb Farm, located in the Manawatu, comes a new Radiance Serum $39.50, which contains an extract of the Japanese seaweed undaria, as well as kiwifruit, grapeseed, comfrey and willow. It’s ideal for those who suffer from redness and pigmentation, or want to treat dull and ageing skin.

TIP – A little goes a long way. A few drops should be enough for each application

Fast Bodycare

If you struggle to find time in the mornings to apply a body moisturiser after you’ve stepped out of the shower, Nivea has come up with a solution. Their In-Shower Body Lotion $9.49 is due to hit the shelves very soon – and if sales in France, Italy and Belgium are anything to go by, it’s going to be a biggie, but you’ll still need to use soap or shower gel as usual. After you’ve rinsed off, step out of the shower stream, apply a generous amount of the new product, rub it in fast and rinse. There’s no standing around waiting for it to absorb, and once you’ve towel-dried you can get dressed straight away. There are two versions, with one for very dry skin. You’ll be amazed at how soft and hydrated you feel after using these products.

FACT – Less then 50% of women use a body lotion every day.

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