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Cassidy Morris’ beauty routine

Bravo's new local host shares her love of natural beauty.

Morning routine

The first thing I do is jump in the shower and wake myself up! I then cleanse my face – I’m currently using Osmosis products and am obsessed.

I then moisturise and make sure it has SPF in it as that is really important to me. Depending on what my day looks like, I try my best not to wear make-up, but if it is on camera I will prep for that.

When I’m out I carry the Kevin Murphy Doo Over Dry Powder Spray in my bag, it is super light and is the best for small touch-ups.

Nights out

I love having a natural lip through the day, so I think adding a red lip for more glam at night is always great.

I also love Nars lipsticks as they don’t dry my lips out, but I always carry my Bali body lip balm which is amazing and also smells incredible!

In preparation for nights out I start with Osmosis Hydrating Moisturiser.

Then I apply Nars Lumi Foundation, a Nars bronzer, MAC light highlighter, Anastasia Beverley Hills eye palette (always the two bronze tones), then a MAC finish mascara with Nars Cherry Lip – these are my go-to products!

Beauty favourites

When I have had make-up on all day I love cleansing my face with my Osmosis Cleanser and then moisturising my skin with the Osmosis Hydrating Cream – I swear by these two products.

I am definitely becoming more aware of what products are right for my skin and the products that have no toxins or ‘hidden extras’ as I like to call them.

I always make sure my foundation or moisturisers have SPF as that is extremely important to my skin throughout the day.

I get my hair done at Morris & Co, they have an incredible team there. I get my nails done at Pop Nails by the amazing Imogene Bevan – can’t do life without these incredible people!

And my beauty icon? Hands down Gigi Hadid. Gigi always encourages a natural aspect to beauty which I love – I think less is more.

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