The Block NZ: Question time with Sam and Emmett

Sam and Emmett answer our questions!
The Block NZ

With The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys underway, we sat down to get to know resident jokesters Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender with a quick Q&A.

How did you guys meet?

Sam: We met back at school in Palmy but we didn’t know each other very well. I actually thought his last name was Emmett, but then once we moved to Wellington we ended up flatting together on and off for about eight years while we were travelling and stuff. And that was the beginning of the bromance.

Have you guys done anything to prepare for The Block NZ?

Emmett: We had a couple of weeks with a few designer friends of us giving us an idea of basic principles and what bold meant. All the briefs seem to involve bold. Other than that we painted a roof, gibbed my brother’s house and hit the gym and did a lot of press ups. You wouldn’t know it to look at us though.

Are you worried at missing friends and family?

Emmett: Sam and I have got a pretty large network of friends in Wellington, I actually call them our surrogate family, so we’ll miss them. But when we finish up we’ve got a couple of weddings. We’ve both also got big families back in Palmy so we’ll miss them but this is an opportunity that we’ve got to grab and they understand that.

How are you feeling about seeing yourselves on TV?

Sam: Much like an Olympic swimming pool I’m going to lap it up. I’m excited for the television work. I’m interested in it, it seems like fun. Hopefully my nose doesn’t look too big on TV.

Emmett: Sam does have quite the sniffer on him!

Have you thought about what you’d do if you won?

Emmett: I suppose that’s one thing we haven’t thought too much about. Because we didn’t enter The Block just to win a heap of money. We’re here for the experience, to try our hand at something a bit different from our normal jobs.

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