Married at First Sight’s Andrew Jones has been forced into hiding

After he was viciously attacked by online bullies, the reality TV star's cast mates have serious concerns about his safety.
andrew jones

What goes up, must come down – and that’s especially true for Andrew “Jonesy” Jones’ public image, because the once-loved groom from Married At First Sight has officially taken the throne of Australia’s Most Hated Man.

And the two million-plus fans watching the show every night have hit up his Instagram to slam the reality star for his “disgusting” attack on Cheryl.

Jonesy’s Instagram account was nowhere to be found this morning.

The hate on Jonesy’s account was that bad that the star has been forced to delete his profile and now his fellow cast mates are worried about his safety.

Jonesy tells NW that he’s been dodging fans and trying to stay out of public to avoid getting noticed, and in a recent interview, claimed “I haven’t left the house.”

Meanwhile, his former castmate Scarlett is siding with him.

“Poor Jonesy,” Scarlett says. “They got to him, the trolls.”

In fact, Scarlett goes as far as to imply that Cheryl’s the bad one in the situation – even after Jonesy was called out for insinuating he wanted a threesome with Cheryl and former bride Lauren and made fun of her intelligence.

“Remember that scene where Regina George cries in the office with the Burn Book, then everyone in the school suffers and turns on each other?” Scarlett penned on Instagram, in reference to Mean Girls.

“When she started the whole thing, then plays the victim? Does this resonate with any of you? How many people have to suffer because “Regina” wants all wants all the attention? I love you guys, but come on… #therealbully.”

Jonesy should’ve watched what he said about Cheryl on national television. Oops!

Scarlett then went in AGAIN on Insta, posting a rant about those who are hating on her “honesty.”

“I love you ladies! F— the haters and the trolls and the ex boyfriends who trash you online! That’s their issues not ours! We are beautiful, strong, kind women! Remember that!”

However after the inappropriate comments made during the now infamous Boys’ Night, which Jonesy claimed to “not remember making”, most people are on Team Cheryl – captained by fellow groom Sean, who called out Jonesy at last night’s dinner party episode.

“I didn’t feel comfortable with the night,” the Queensland farmer said. “There was a lot there throughout the night that was bagging out Cheryl and putting Cheryl down.”

Now, fans have dubbed Sean their hero – and a photo of Sean as Superman has gone viral.

“Finally – a true gentleman,” one fan wrote.

“The only honest and decent man on the show,” another agreed.

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