‘Lacey just told me it’s over’ – Shock as Luke’s bride flees honeymoon

After a promising start things turn pear-shaped for Luke and Lacey.
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Luke and Lacey clicked on their wedding day but a few days into their marriage and things are getting strained.

On their honeymoon to Rotorua, the pair waver from relaxed to awkward with each other.

Their relationship hasn’t progressed any further and Lacey says while she likes Luke, she sees him more as a mate.

“Cheers to being hot.”

Funnyman Luke puts down the failure of their relationship to fire down to him not opening up more to Lacey.

“I haven’t broken out of my shell yet… It’s been really difficult for me opening up because I’ve had some bad experiences in the past.”

We see the pair try out some adrenalin-pumping activities at Rotorua’s adventure park.

Lacey is not enjoying the big swing….

Boss lady Lacey shows us her more vulnerable side when she’s genuinely terrified of going on the bungy jump.

Despite her hesitation – and his own – Luke reassures Lacey it will all be OK and for the second time together they take the plunge into the unknown.

Luke’s ability to step up really impresses his new wife. “Luke really surprised me because I didn’t have to take charge. He did and it was great.”

Luke holding Lacey before their bungy jump together.

At the end of the episode, we learn that things have gone pear-shaped the following day.

A distraught-looking Luke tells the camera: “I’m really bummed out. Lacey just told me it’s over… She just told me that she heard something about me… some rumour that her friend told her from the wedding or something that my friends said about me. I don’t even know what it is.”

Scroll down for more photos from Lacey and Luke’s honeymoon.

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