MAFS villain Davina Rankin says men don’t want to date her after the show

She's receiving attention - but not the right sort.
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Since her emotional affair with Dean Wells hit our screens on the hit TV show Married At First Sight, Davina Rankin has gone into hiding.

The 26-year-old bikini model has been posting snaps from the shores of Byron Bay where she’s been in lockdown with a girlfriend as the explosive MAFS series, in which she was portrayed as the villain, comes to a close.

Davina told that she’s had no offers for a date after how she was shown to be acting on the show.

“I get a lot of d— pics, but no one wants to date me,” she told reporters.

“But I don’t want to date someone who judges me anyway, so it’s filtering out the bad ones.”

“When you start that low on the show, there’s nowhere to go but up.”

Davina previously spoken out in a bid to help raise awareness and education around cyber bulling.

In an interview with ABC News, Davina reveals the onslaught of abuse she’s received online for her portrayal on the show has been devastating.

“I barely got out of this whole ordeal alive, I can’t even imagine what it would be like for younger boys and girls who have to deal with this alone,” the Queensland beauty tells the publication.

The social media influencer, who has over 300,000 Instagram followers, found herself at the centre of the show’s biggest scandal after she and Dean made a secret pact to leave their respective partners and re-enter the experiment as a new couple – which backfired when Dean had a change of heart.

“And if it was such a ‘secret’ why were there cameras in my face the whole time?”

“It’s just crazy because people believe so much. They genuinely believe I had an affair on my husband. This was a guy I’d only known for a week, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, let alone husband and wife,” she notes of her “husband”, Ryan Gallagher.

Davina and Dean’s “affair” became the main plot-line on MAFS this year.

After all but vanishing from social media following her “affair” with Married At First Sight contestant Dean Wells, Davina Rankin has finally broken her silence in a video on her YouTube channel.

“This has actually been really hard for me to talk about, so I figured my best option was to just switch off and disconnect from a world that I’m usually very connected to,” she tells the camera nervously.

“I’ve been copping a really large amount of hate and it’s not something I’m used to. To be honest, it really shook me. That’s why I’ve been distant and silent.”

Struggling to hold back tears, Davina goes on to thank her friends, family and followers for their support in the wake of her and husband Ryan Gallagher’s exit from the hit Nine show.

“It’s been a hard and traumatic experience for me,” she says.

The rest of the video – titled ‘Breaking My Silence’ – gives fans an insight into what Davina has been up to over the past few weeks.

Watch the Video in full above.

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