It’s over: Married At First Sight’s Jordan Dare and Anna Saxton have broken up

''We share so much love, I truly will have a friend for life in Anna but if you realise you are not in love with someone it is not a feeling you can hide,'' said Jordan.
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Married At First Sight NZ’s Anna Saxton and Jordan Dare have called it quits.

The couple was one of three to stay together throughout the reality TV dating series and told Now To Love only last week that they were stronger than ever and already talking about having kids.

However, in a heartbreaking post on social media, Jordan has revealed that the couple has separated.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Not the post i ever imagined to be putting up a few weeks ago.. but unfortunately i have to , myself and Anna have seperated , since the show finished filming myself and Anna spent as much time together as possible giving our long distance relationship its best chance and were in contact everyday.

“Nothing happened or dramatically changed in our relationship but the only downside to spending 24/7 with someone from the first meeting, trying to make a relationship work is when you have to spend time apart in reality you start to realise your deep real feelings, we share so much love , i truely will have a friend for life in Anna but if you realise you are not In love with someone it is not a feeling you can hide.

“The experiment was an amazing experience for me and I learnt alot about myself , i have no regrets about the show we both truely gave it our All, no stone left unturned and I couldn’t have dreamed of being matched with a better partner .

“We realise everyone will have an opinion on this but as Anna and i did on the show ,keeping out of the drama and reserving comment we hope you can do the same for us.”

Anna also took to Instagram to share the sad news:

“I’m so incredibly sorry Instagram family for being so MIA on here since the airing finished of MAFS.

“This is for a couple of reasons…

“Being completely honest with you I was not dealing with the media attention surrounding my past on the show. It took a massive toll on myself and my family. Post show I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and have had suicidal thoughts. I have been working through it with the support of close friends and family, Warner Brothers, my councillor and my doctor.

“My heart breaks a little more as I write this but I have to also announce [Jordan and I are] no longer together. He had to do what was best for him.

“I think when you give your heart away you never really get it all back so I still and always will have a lot of love, respect and support for Jordan in everything he does and I only wish him happiness for his future.

“We shared an amazing experience together. Thank you Jordan for allowing me to open my heart up to you and teaching me how much love I have to give.

“I am a very strong human, I just need some time to process the experiment, the show, the media, falling in love, the break up and everything in between.

“I am ready to move on from MAFS and put my focus towards the future. However to do that I will be taking a break from social media. I can’t end this message without thanking every single one of you… Your messages of support throughout this whole experience has been amazing and I love you.

“You don’t know how strong you are. Be your own anchor.”

The couple was forced to weather some tough times during the series, and after it wrapped, because Anna had to reveal to first Jordan and then both their families that she’d made a sex tape with a former boyfriend, who had then shared it with his friends.

Anna struggled to cope with online bullying after she made the revelation on television.

In an interview with Now To Love just a week ago they both said it’s been one of the toughest things they’ve been through.

Anna also said it took a big toll on her family.

The couple also revealed to Now To Love that they planned to move in together in the New Year and wanted to have children.

“We’ve had that chat, I ideally want to have kids by 30 so we’ve got a couple of years to practice,” said Jordan.

“We’re both completely on the same page about that,” Anna added.

The couple said they were taking turns spending weekends at one another’s homes. Jordan lives in Foxton, Anna in Cambridge.

They planned to “reassess” in the New Year and agree on who would move to the other. Anna said she’d be happy to move to Foxton.

Since the show wrapped Carmen Stimpson has moved to Christchurch to be with her TV husband James Hardy.

Vicky Fuller and Stefaan Nes broke up at the final vow ceremony but got back together afterwards.

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