Married At First Sight’s Anna and Jordan reveal their plans to move in together

They've even talked about having kids!
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They’re the Married At First Sight couple that could have been destroyed by scandal.

Only a few days into their marriage bride Anna Saxton had to reveal to her new husband Jordan Dare – on national television – that she’d made a sex tape with a former boyfriend who had then showed it to his mates.

She and Jordan had to then face both their families to tell them, too.

Could their introduction to marriage have been any more awkward?

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as the adage goes, and this couple says going through that only brought them closer together.

Anna Saxton and Jordan Dare Married At First Sight NZ

In this week’s vow renewal ceremony they both shed tears as they vowed to stay together beyond the experiment. Jordan revealed that he loved Anna and that she inspired him to be a better man. Anna told Jordan he had stolen her heart.

A whirlwind of media interviews has followed since the episode aired, and in a video interview with Now To Love the smitten pair revealed they couldn’t be happier.

For now they’ll be pursuing a long-distance relationship, they say, taking turns spending weekends at one another’s homes – Anna is based in Cambridge and Jordan in Foxton.

But they’ll “reassess in the New Year” and “have the big chat” to figure out who will move in with who.

Anna concedes that it’s probably going to be easier for her to move to Jordan’s home town of Foxton, because he has a whole garage full of motor racing gear.

They’re excited for their future and reveal they’ve even talked about having kids in two years’ time.

“We’re both completely on the same page about that,” Anna smiles.

In this video Anna and Jordan share with us their future plans. They also reveal the devastating impact the sex tape scandal had on their families, and how that, in turn, only galvanised their relationship.

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