MAFS’ Melissa slams the experts on her match with Dino: ‘I feel like they put us together as a joke’

She also claims her husband was only on the show to get Instagram-famous.
Married at First Sight Dino Melissa MAFS

After her marriage fell apart on our screens, Melissa Lucarelli has publicly hit out at her TV husband, branding him a sleazy, wig-wearing fake who only went on Married at First Sight to get famous!

Explaining how their relationship hit the rocks after she caught Dino Hira, 34, recording her private conversations on his phone on two separate occasions, the Sydney talent agent claims:

“It makes me feel sick because he was sending these files where I’m talking about personal family stuff to people I don’t know. What else was he recording, the weirdo? He’s got a creepy vibe to him.”

Melissa gives Dino an earful at the dinner party.

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, Melissa, 38, alleges, “He says he’s all about spirituality and inner beauty, but he used to be a stripper and he does male beauty pageants.

“And he wears a glue-on toupée. At first, I wondered why his hair never moved. I thought he needed to calm down on the hair gel, but he wears a wig!”

Melissa adds that she doesn’t think the Perth meditation coach, 34, signed up for the hit Three series for the right reasons, claiming, “Dino wasn’t interested in being married or finding out about me – he just wanted to promote himself. It’s sad, but there are a lot of people just out to get Instagram-famous.”

It’s especially galling for Melissa as she’d spent weeks filling out questionnaires to ensure experts found her the perfect mate and even quit her full-time job to be part of the experiment.

“It’s harder to get on MAFS than it is to become a Russian spy,” she quips.

“I gave up everything and I put myself out there, and I feel like they just put us together as a joke. I felt like a joke.”

The look on Melissa’s face on her wedding day says it all – smiling through gritted teeth.

Safe to say, Melissa’s eight-year dry spell has not been broken.

She laughs, “Sex was a big part of my life and I was good at it, but I was so over relationships that didn’t go anywhere. I decided the next one was going to be ‘the one’ and I thought it would be eight months maximum, but next minute it was eight years.

“It’s scary not to have done it for so long. I feel like a virgin again. My next time will have to be with a guy I’m really comfortable with.”

Even if she fails to find a new partner on her own, Melissa has co-stars Cam and Jules to play matchmaker.

She gushes, “I’m obsessed with them. If we can’t be in a polyamorous relationship, I want them to adopt me as a child.

“I call them Mum and Dad. They’re looking to find me someone perfect. It’s a shame Cam doesn’t have a brother!”

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