Claims MAFS’ Jessika had a secret boyfriend during filming – her jilted lover speaks out

''She assured him she could never love anyone else.''
Married at First Sight Jessika Power secret boyfriend Steven James

She’s been labelled a home-wrecker for making moves on multiple Married at First Sight Australia grooms, but there’s been another man on Jessika Power‘s radar all along – a secret boyfriend back home in Perth!

Woman’s Day has obtained messages from a man named Steven James, who claims the part-time model, 27, was cheating on her husband Mick Gould while shooting the show in Sydney, calling him every day and flying to Western Australia to see him whenever she could.

Steven’s claims about Jess.

“She would film, then f*** me when she came back,” writes Steven, who also accuses Jessika of being a “cheater” for sleeping with both Mick, 31, and Dan Webb, 35, while in a relationship with him.

Jessika had reportedly promised Steven she’d remain faithful to him during the show and they’d be together again once filming wrapped.

“She told him it was an opportunity of a lifetime and was going to use the show to kick-start her modelling career,” a source alleges. “She assured him she could never love anyone else.”

However, when Jessika met Dan, she had a change of heart.

A close friend of Mick’s adds that the Queensland farmer first suspected Jessika had a boyfriend in the outside world when she apparently went missing for a night.

The pal tells, “She told Mick she was going to a friend’s house, but she never came home. He later put the pieces together and realised she’d spent the night with another guy.”

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Jess’ love notes to Mick

In order to stay on the show and maximise her screen time, Jessika had to resort to underhand methods to ensure she didn’t drive Mick away completely.

Reportedly at the suggestion of producers, the blonde beauty wrote a 60-page diary detailing all the things she loves about the farmer, which has now been leaked.

Jess was intent on keeping Mick in the experiment for as long as she could so she could pursue a relationship with Dan.

Jessika begins, “Dear Mick (hubby), I wrote a book about you … It was easy to come up with lots to say about the incredible person you are, the wonderful things you do and all the ways you are completely, ridiculously perfect, unlike anyone else … Yours, Jess (wifey).”

She also writes, “The most wonderful thing about having you in my life is getting to see you 24/7, morning and night … You’re braver and stronger than any make-believe superhero … My cheeks have never been this sore from laughing and smiling.”

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