MAFS’ Jessika is unapologetic about making moves on Dan: ‘He’s everything I ever wanted’

''If I were in the outside world, I probably wouldn't have done that. But I liked Dan and went for it. I can't apologise for that.''
Married at First Sight MAFS Jessika Dan

We’ve already had one cheating scandal on this season of Married at First Sight Australia, watching in disbelief as Sam and Ines’ affair was exposed to the group. And now, in the wake Ines’ departure from the experiment, 26-year-old Jessika Power has positioned herself as the show’s resident maneater.

First, she propositioned an unsuspecting Nic Jovanovic at a dinner party, telling him that she’d developed feelings for him. He knocked her back, telling her he wouldn’t jeopardise his marriage with Cyrell.

Not one to waste time crying into her glass of chardonnay, Jess promptly turned around and set her sights on 35-year-old ‘intruder’ groom Daniel Webb. But as the blonde bombshell tells TV WEEK, she makes no apologies for that.

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Describing her first meeting with Dan, Jess says “I went home after the dinner party and thought, ‘Surely this isn’t real?’ Everything I’ve ever wanted just walked in in this gorgeous, perfect package.

“We had an instant connection and spoke the whole night. The way he spoke about his son was so inspiring. He’s older than me as well, which is what I wanted.”

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Jess says she’s aware she has to “tread lightly” given that Dan’s relationship with new bride Tamara is still in its fledgling stages.

But that didn’t stop her ramping up her flirty behaviour with Dan after their first meeting. “I was rubbing his leg with my hand,” she says with a giggle.

“I did feel bad… If I were in the outside world, I probably wouldn’t have done that. But I liked Dan and went for it. I can’t apologise for that.”

And it’s clear that Jess’ feelings for Dan are reciprocated.

“I was taken aback a bit when I saw Jess,” Dan admits. “She’s a pretty girl and someone I’d go for in the outside world. I had that nervous energy and she gave me goosebumps.”

Sadly for his ‘wife’ Tamara Joy, Dan insists she isn’t someone he’d normally go for, saying that “if she walked into a bar, she wouldn’t be the type of girl I would go and speak to.”

Dan and Tamara weren’t given much of a chance to get their relationship off the ground before Jess walked into the picture.

Dan’s wife Tamara was less than impressed with Jess’ actions.

“I could see that Jessika was trying to sink her filthy little claws into him and it made me jealous,” the 29-year-old admits to TV WEEK.

“She was following him around like a bad smell. I was like, ‘Hold on, just stay in your lane.’ I was still figuring it all out and didn’t know how I felt about Dan at this point. At that moment, I just wanted to punch her in the throat!”

There’s something that neither woman yet knows about Dan – the fact that he’s facing charges over a multi-million dollar fraud.

The reality star was one of seven people charged in 2016 over a telemarketing scam on the Gold Coast, which reportedly robbed $20 million from innocent local families.

A source tells Now to Love that as part of his bail conditions Daniel had to “check in at the police station every fortnight and had to fly home from filming MAFS to undertake these check in to ensure he wasn’t breaching his conditions.”

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