Lily McManus reveals why she nearly turned The Bachelorette NZ down

''I wanted it to be about women empowerment and about lifting each other up and helping each other out.''
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Lily McManus is known for speaking her mind and it’s refreshing to see that being the bachelorette hasn’t changed that.

Lily appeared on Breakfast this week alongside Lesina Nakhid-Schuster to speak to Matty McLean about their experience on the show.

In the candid interview Lily shared that she had her reservations when initially offered the Bachelorette role, saying, “I definitely took a long hard think about it. I wanted it to be about women empowerment and about lifting each other up and helping each other out.”

She admitted that when first told there would be two bachelorettes she wasn’t keen on the idea, revealing, “It made me not really want to do the show.”

Lily explained that her hesitation stemmed from a fear that the women would be pitted against each other to win the affections of the male contestants.

“I never wanted it to be about competition between me and Lesina.”

It’s an issue that has clearly played on Lily’s mind. In the video package used to introduce her as the second bachelorette, Lily mused on the differences between her and Lesina.

“I was a snowboard instructor and now I’m a like weird media organism, outdoors instructor on the fly thing. She’s a doctor though!”

Ultimately Lily decided to go ahead with the show after meeting Lesina and realising they wanted the same things from the experience and could be there to support each other through their journeys.

“Having someone to share it with was actually really fun. I could come into a room and be like ‘Ahh these men!'” Lily laughed.

While both bachelorettes made a concerted effort to look out for the other they also felt confident they would be able to deal with any disagreements they had respectfully.

Or as Lily put it simply,”If there’s a problem we just talk to each other about it.”

The women acknowledged that their pact to look out for each other’s interests above all else was made easier by the fact their taste in men differs significantly.

“If there was someone that was my type it wasn’t Lesina’s type. We could both be attracted to the same guy and go ‘aw he’s cute’ but once you get to know that guy, there was no way we were going to be [going] for the same ones.” explained Lily.

Lesina concurred, saying, “We really really like different people.”

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Although Lily admitted that her and Lesina were in very different stages of their lives and are ‘ultimately just looking for different things’ she wanted to point out that she was still on the show for the right reasons.

“I’m looking for a best friend really. I’m not ready for kids or marriage but that doesn’t make my relationships any less valid,” Lily pointed out.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t want to find my person to one day have kids and marriage with.”

This isn’t the first time Lily has spoken out about the tropes associated with dating shows.

Speaking to Woman’s Day last year about her appearance on Celebrity Treasure Island Lily explained she was excited to appear on a different style of reality show because, “as a woman who’s been on a dating show, I don’t have to generalise myself to that stigma. I’m so much more than dating and I can impress so much more than dudes.”

“Ahh these men!”

Given Lily’s reservations going in to the show, the men’s reactions to her arrival must have been particularly disappointing.

More than one of the men thought it was appropriate to bring up the possibility of a threesome with both ladies.

First Liam Cochrane boasted that “Surely I’m gonna be the one that will leave with both of them!”

Then Glenn Richards thought he should verbalise to producers that “I haven’t had two women at the same time, yet, this could be my chance.” He also reffered to the women as a “two-for-one special”.

Glenn has already raised eyebrows this season, previously telling the other contestants they needed his permission before kissing Lesina. He tried to laugh that comment off as a joke, and told Stuff his latest comments were another of his bits of banter.

Lily, who said on Breakfast that “I’m very attracted to the chat that people can have,” was not amused by the comments.

“What he said was what he said, it was kind of disgusting,” she told Stuff.

If there’s anyone who can wake Glenn up to the error of his ways, it’s Lily.

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs Monday – Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on TVNZ 2

Video by Lana Byrne. For more great videos check out our Youtube channel

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