The 10 most memorable entrances on The Bachelorette

Some were awkward, some were heart-warming, some were straight-up baffling.
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When it comes to dating, everyone knows that first impressions are important. But making a good one is far from easy.

You want to come across as charming, funny and charismatic of course, but you also want to make sure to actually be your natural self. At the same time you’re trying to get a read on the other person, remembering to breathe and hoping your nerves calm down enough for you to enjoy yourself.

Spare a thought then for the 22 Kiwi males on The Bachelorette. They had to do all the above in-front of a camera crew and arguably New Zealand’s most handsome man, Art Green, knowing that their every move would be screened on television for the nation’s amusement.

It’s understandable then, that Art warns Lesina that she might be in for “some interesting first impressions”.

That doesn’t even begin to describe the half of it. Be they awkward, heart-warming or straight up baffling, here are the 10 most memorable entrances.

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Brendon Vanstone

First cab off the rank is Electrical Service Technician Brendon Vanstone. Rather than keeping it simple, Brendon decides to throw everything he has at his big entrance.

He comes down the red carpet juggling what appear to be Ferrero Rocher? Kind of a weird choice but he must know what women like because, as he proudly tells Lesina, he’s had 20 girlfriends!

But the razzle-dazzle don’t stop there. Next he challenges Lesina to a paper aeroplane competition and when that doesn’t seem to do the trick he distracts her by getting a runny nose. What can’t this man do?

Glenn Richards

Auckland-based personal trainer Glenn Richards comes in ferociously confident in his ability to win Lesina’s heart explaining with a smirk that he, “wouldn’t consider myself an elite pick-up artist, but I’m working on it.”

One skill Glen’s already mastered? Holding hands for an excruciatingly long time.

Onlooker Art describes it as the “longest most awkward hand hold in history.”

Maybe it’s a move only semi-elite pick-up artists know.

Let it go Glenn!

Elliott Gilchrist

Magic enthusiast Elliott Gilchrist is bringing an open mind and an open heart into The Bachelorette mansion with him. He’s also got a pocket full of tissues which he magics (folds) into a rose for Lesina.

Lesina is touched by the gesture and even more so when she realises she can use it to blow the runny nose she apparently caught from Brendon. I’m not sure that’s exactly what Elliott had in mind.

Conor Orsbourn

If you ever go on a date with Cantabrian Conor, make sure you bring along your Plunket book.

With a masters in micro-biology Conor is looking for someone fully vaccinated because “all the science is 100 per cent for it.”

That’s fair enough Conor but the science is also 100 per cent behind that being a terrible chat up line.

She might be fully vaccinated but is Lesina immune to the powers of Conor’s tie?

Quinn Ryan

Sheet Metal Engineer Quinn Ryan brought Lesina a stainless steel rose that he’d made for her himself and told her, “I put a lot of time and effort into the rose and I promise I’ll put the same time and effort into getting to know you.”

Lesina was clearly touched by Quinn’s gift and the sentiment. He’s lucky she didn’t try to blow her nose on it.

Aaron McNabb

Teacher Aaron arrives armed with a hockey stick and proceeds to dribble a hockey ball down the red carpet. We get no explanation what the H-E-Double-hockey-sticks that was about but Lesina doesn’t seem to care.

“He is not tooo bad on the eyes, but you know, what’s underneath that?” she blushes.

I don’t know Lesina, you’re the doctor, you tell us! I’d guess brain maybe?

Tavita Karika

Heartbreak Island alum Tavita exits the car with an inflatable tropical island pool ring and explains cheekily “Last time I went on an island to find love, this time I brung the island to the you!”

It is devishly cute.

Lesina suggests Tavita wear the inflatable into the house to meet the other bachelors and he is surprisingly game.

Jonathan Wedge

Jonathan steps out of the Suzuki with his wingman Barry, or more accurately his wingpug Barry.

The move would have been a hit if not for the tiny issue of Lesina being scared of dogs. Jonathan does his best to put her at ease but to be fair Barry didn’t seem that chuffed with her either.

Doesn’t look like Barry is all that fond of Lesina either.

Marc Johnson

In another life Wellington dad Marc was an award winning stripper. But that’s all behind him now.

No wait, literally the first thing he does is rip off his shirt.

“That takes guts, in front of the whole nation, getting his kit off,” says Art.

It also takes a healthy wardrobe budget, something Marc apparently doesn’t have. He didn’t bring a spare shirt so he spends the rest of the evening with his nipples peeking out from his blazer.

Marcus Mannex Kingi

When 22-year-old Marcus first sets eyes on Lesina he keeps his feelings close to his chest.

Conveniently for us that’s where his mic is so we hear him exclaim “She looks hot as S@#!”

So how does he go about wooing a 32-year-old doctor? Break dancing of course!

Marcus spins his way down the red carpet with the intense conviction usually reserved for the end of Year 8 disco.

The jury might be out of how it went down with Lesina but it was a winner with Art who proclaimed it his “favourite so far, athletic!”

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs Monday – Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on TVNZ 2

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