The Bachelorette NZ: Why Elliott Gilchrist might just be ‘the one who got away’

Elliott was one of the first suitors to be eliminated from the show, but afterwards Lesina wasn't so sure of her decision.
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We all make decisions we regret, and it seems The Bachelorette‘s Lesina Nakhid-Schuster has already made her first on the show.

After eliminating Wanaka-based paint company owner Elliott Gilchrist at the first rose ceremony Lesina revealed the next morning she was doubting her call.

“I kind of second guessed myself about Elliott which was a bit weird,” she admitted.

“I kind of got like a bit of a Smart Alec-y vibe… I’m not sure if that was what he was trying to portray but in retrospect I don’t know – was it just because he was nervous?”

Let’s take a look at what we know:

Elliott told Lesina he was ‘happy and impressed’ that she was sticking to coke at the first cocktail party – but Lesina wasn’t sure where he was coming from.

Before the show aired Elliott was one of the first suitors to be named. His bio details revealed he was into magic and we were looking forward to seeing him pull a few rabbits out of the hat.

We also learned that Elliott loved “a bit of a party” and his celebrity crush was Ariana Grande.

At 32, he’s the same age as Lesina – a good thing, they’re more likely to be at the same life stage.

But we questioned whether he was over his ex.

“My first girlfriend was a long-term one, five years, and that sort of set the bar,” he shared. “Since then, I’ve not met anyone who’s matched up.”

Rated one of the most awkward entrances on the show, Elliott introduced himself by presenting Lesina with a handmade paper rose.

This was sweet, and he also gave her his jacket when she seemed cold – and wasn’t even miffed when she wanted to blow her nose on the rose.

Elliott’s entrance was awkward but he did give Lesina his jacket when she looked cold.

Lesina wasn’t sure where he was coming from when he commended her for sticking to drinking coke at the first cocktail party.

And the self-assured Liam bizarrely predicted that Elliott would be among the first batch of suitors to go because he seemed introverted.

Maybe Elliott would have ultimately been “too chilled” for Lesina or maybe she would have taken exception to his penchant for nudity (see our video, above).

But he did seem of open heart and mind, two qualities Lesina told Woman’s Day she was looking for in her dream guy.

Elliott was disappointed to not receive a rose.

“She seems like an amazing girl,” he declared.

“Bald heads aren’t for everyone,” were his parting words as he hugged Lesina goodbye.

If anyone is brought back for a second chance, maybe Elliott is Lesina’s guy.

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