Lily McManus is the new Bachelorette and the men’s reactions revealed their true colours

And then there were two!
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“Do you guys mind if I join the party?”

With that opening line 22-year-old Lily McManus made Bachelorette history, joining Lesina Nakhid-Schuster to become the first ever bachelorette duo.

Lily, who was the runner-up in Zac Franich’s 2017 season of The Bachelor, wasted no time in living up to her fun reputation by immediately declaring, “Let’s get this party started!”

She hopes her previous experience on the show would be an advantage to her, telling the men, “I understand the cult you guys are in. It’s super interesting to see it from your perspective and now be in a different position.”

McManus’ arrival and the revelation that half of the men had been cast as potential matches for each bachelorette caused pandemonium within the male contestants.

“From now on you’ll have two bachelorettes to get to know,” explained host Art Green.

For some, like 20-year-old Flynn Palmer who was worried about the age gap between him and 32-year-old Lesina, Lily’s arrival was a welcome chance for redemption.

“I am over the moon!” he exclaimed.

Others thought highly enough of themselves to fancy their chances with both ladies.

“Surely I’m gonna be the one that will leave with both of them!” boasted Liam Cochrane.

Fair to say original bachelorette Lesina was a little taken aback with the boys reactions.

“The guys are freaking out, honestly,” she told the camera.

“I don’t think they know what’s going on, they think it’s a joke. Overall I think they’re a mixture of dazed and confused and happy.”

Auckland personal trainer Glenn Richards was one of the men who appeared elated to the point of delusion.

“There’s something that Lesina’s not telling everyone, like maybe she’s into girls, you know. That’s what I’m actually hoping for. It’s like a two for one special, my dream come true,” Glenn told the camera while literally rubbing his hands together like a comic book villain.

“I haven’t had two women at the same time, yet, this could be my chance,” he continued.

It was a thought Glenn seemed incapable of moving past, in a cringe-worthy interaction with Lesina he got her to clarify her relationship with Lily over and over, repeatedly asking her versions of the same question.

“Is that like your friend or…?”

“Are you two like together looking for someone or…?

“So are you two like just friends?”

Watching the good-natured Lesina trying to calmly shut down Glenn’s line of questioning was excruciating.

It was hard to tell if self-described elite pick-up artist in training Glenn picked up on Lesina’s displeasure but he eventually decided to turn his attention to the other bachelorette conceding that “If you can’t choose both of them then I’d probably choose Lily.”

Watch: The Bachelorette men pick Team Lily or Team Lesina, article continues below

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But Lily’s entrance wasn’t the only surprise in store for the men, as it was also revealed barman Steve wasn’t a barman at all, but actually Lily’s best friend who had been planted to be her eyes and ears in her absence.

“I’ve been spying on you all, I’ve seen everything,” Richie teased.

Lily is relying on Richie to warn her about any troublesome men and asks him who he thinks are her best bets so far.

His picks? Tavita and Jesse.

At the rose ceremony Jesse receives Lily’s first rose. Marcus is sent home because Lily saves Glenn after Lesina suggests he be eliminated. Where were you with your warning Richie!?

The women both agree they don’t want to step on each other’s toes romantically and will respect each others preferences, with Lily asserting “we don’t want to compete”.

However, with both ladies showing an early interest in sheet metal engineer Quinn Ryan it will be interesting to see how strictly this separation will be adhered to.

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs Monday – Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on TVNZ 2

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