Backlash after MAFS star Lacey applies for Bravo presenter role

MAFS fans are less than impressed.
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Married At First Sight star Lacey Swanepoel has applied for a presenter role on Bravo, and the news has made her even more unpopular with Kiwi fans of MAFS.

Two seconds of her audition video featured in a compilation video posted on Bravo’s Facebook page on Wednesday. She’s one of many Kiwis applying to represent Bravo on television, social media and at events.

Swanepoel has not exactly endeared herself to Married At First Sight fans, who took to social media to verbally attack her and fellow MAFS star Bel Clarke last week.

Her application for the Bravo role has only made her even more unpopular because this week she was seen on MAFS accusing her new husband Luke of only going on MAFS “to become a famous comedian”.

“You lied to me and to all of my friends and family. Your friends told all of my friends why you’re on this show, and I know you think it’s a joke, but I don’t think it’s a joke,” she said during a fight at the cocktail party.

“The fact that all of your friends and family, including your dad, told my dad that the only reason you were on this show was so that you could become a famous comedian – it’s not a joke to me.”

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“Hypocrite” is the word that has been bandied around in the comments on Bravo’s post.

We don’t like her chances of getting the job…

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