Bel Clarke and Lacey Swanepoel face abuse after Married At First Sight NZ honeymoon episode

The comments are shocking...

By Caitlin Watkins
Married At First Sight NZ stars Bel Clarke and Lacey Swanepoel, have faced a tough few days following last week's episode.
The honeymoons ended on a cliffhanger, with Bel's husband Haydn going home leaving her in Adelaide, and Luke saying Lacey had left him.
However, in an interview with Stuff, Lacey said: "there's definitely more to come."
The girls, who call one another "wifey", discussed the comments they have received online on The Project last night.
"Some of it's been really hideous, but the ones that really get me are the ones that are people telling me to go and kill myself," said Bel.
"Maybe before you type what you're gonna say think about the consequences it's going to have not only on that person but their family," she added.
"I've had people with very explicit language telling me that if they see me on the street they're going to (beep beep) kill me, or that they know where I work so they'll come and find me," Lacey said.

Although the future of their marriages are unknown, it seems the two have formed a very strong friendship.
Bel Clarke's Instagram story after the honeymoon episodes aired.
Bel posted to Instagram for mental health awareness week explaining the way she has felt since the Facebook and Instagram abuse.
"What was an exciting, incredible journey, this week has turned into a complete dark space for me," she said.
"Facebook and Instagram are no longer a 'safe place' to scroll through, and messages are hard to open."
Stay strong, girls!