Royally close! Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton bond on girls’ nights out

'They've become super close'.
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It’s no secret that Meghan Markle is sacrificing a lot to marry Prince Harry — her home, her career, and even one of her dogs! — but the former actress’ transition to royal family member has been relatively easy thanks to Kate Middleton.

Life & Style magazine has reported the soon-to-be sisters in law have enjoyed several girls’ nights out in London recently.

“Kate has taken Meghan under her wing and is really looking out for her,” an insider shares. “She’s advising her new BFF on how to deal with what lies ahead. They’ve become super close”.

The ladies frequent members-only club Soho House where they can chat freely away from paparazzi and excited fans.

During one excursion, the brunette beauties discussed how wild Meghan’s bachelorette party should be.

“Knowing the queen would never approve of a drunken bash, Meghan felt it should be a civilized affair,” a different source reveals.

“But she’s torn because she also wants it to be a fun and memorable event.”

“Kate suggested she have it at Soho House because the queen won’t find out what happens behind closed doors.”

Harry’s bride is understandably eager to please her in-laws — though Kate has told her to steer clear of one relative in particular.

“Kate has warned Meghan to watch out for Camilla [Harry’s stepmother], who is known to stir up trouble,” the insider admits. “Camilla has already met Meghan and given her official seal of approval, but Kate’s told her to keep her distance.”

The Suits star is also comforted by the fact that Kate and William are her neighbors at Kensington Palace.

“Meghan pops over to Kate’s apartment to catch up over tea,” the source explains. “They’ll spend hours discussing Meghan’s upcoming wedding, which Kate is helping her plan.” Adds the insider, “Meghan’s been asking Kate all about her pregnancy and has confessed that she can’t wait to become a mom herself.”

We’re excited to watch this friendship unfold!

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