12 times Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton proved they’re the best of chums

They make the sweetest pair!
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Queen Elizabeth has always had a special bond with her grandson, Prince William, and it looks like those warm feelings also extend to her grandson’s wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Considering Kate and William have been in each other’s lives since the early 2000s, the Queen has had plenty of time to get to know her granddaughter-in-law, and we think she’s very much a fan of Kate (as are we!) — after all, Kate did go to the trouble of making the queen a chutney for Christmas using her own grandmother’s recipe.

From their quality time together with Prince George to the Queen’s reported reaction to Prince Louis’ birth, it very much seems like Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge share a pretty heartwarming connection. And since they always get along so well in public, we can only imagine how much fun they have as a family behind the cameras!

Scroll through the gallery to see all the times Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton made the sweetest grandmother-grandaughter pair!

This article originally appeared on First Women.

Looks like the Queen has missed her calling as a stand-up comedian!

Gushing over baby Charlotte is one of their favourite ways to spend quality time together.

They even did some grandmother-granddaughter bonding while viewing Kate’s flawless wedding dress.

They walk in perfect sync while they’re bonding too. Talk about impressive!

Kudos to Prince Philip for trying to be polite while two of his favourite ladies have their bonding moment!

Like any set of girlfriends, they compliment each other’s shoes! (Well, maybe.)

They find fun in even the most mundane of activities.

Chatting like old friends never gets old for these two.

Kate’s face practically lit up at the sight of the Queen.

We’re starting to wish that we were in on the joke!

Queen Elizabeth is clearly a pro at making Kate laugh!

Kate looks pretty excited to be in Queen Elizabeth’s company!

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