Here’s why Princess Eugenie can have Instagram and Meghan Markle can’t

Princess Eugenie is breaking with royal protocol - but there's a perfectly good reason she's allowed to be on social media.
Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle

Last year, Meghan Markle shocked fans when she shutdown all of her social media channels including her Instagram account and lifestyle blog, The Tig, just weeks after her engagement to Prince Harry.

While we’re still grieving the fact Meghan isn’t sharing her world online anymore (we bet the snap happy American has very itchy fingers) and now we’re drip-fed pre-approved glimpses of her new royal life via the official Kensington Palace Instagram account, there’s a new British royal suddenly posting up a storm on Instagram.

In March, Princess Eugenie broke with protocol and signed up to Instagram.

And she’s already amassed over 200K followers thanks to her amazing selection of cute throwbacks, fascinating glimpses behind palace gates (more on that soon!) and sweet tributes to her fiance Jack Brooksbank.

So, you might be asking: Why is Princess Eugenie on Instagram and Meghan Markle isn’t?

Well, like most things in the Royal Family it all comes down to rank and where Eugenie falls in line to the throne.

Eugenie has been giving fans an unprecedented glimpse into royal life.

Because Princess Eugenie of York isn’t a full-time royal (even though some reports suggest her father Prince Andrew wants his daughters to be), and has to earn a living with a regular nine to five like us normal folk, it’s believed she’s allowed to run her own social media accounts as she isn’t trying to portray the same message as top-tier roles.

While Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry share their news and updates through the official Kensington Palace channels, which are run by a social media team, Eugenie is essentially a free agent.

So too is her sister Princess Beatrice and her mother, Sarah Ferguson, who already runs the sweetest Instagram account that’s pretty much a fan page dedicated to her daughters and ex-husband.

Eugenie, who is ninth in line to the throne, currently works at London-based contemporary art gallery Hauser & Wirth.

In the past, she was criticised for taking 25 days of annual leave in the space of ten weeks after she joined the company but it’s clear Eugenie has changed her tune and last April, she silenced her critics when she was promoted to the role of director.

Meghan LOVED social media but now everything she does must be released via the official Kensington Palace platforms.

The Princess graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in English and history of art.

She previously worked in New York for the online auction house Paddle8.

In between her work commitments, she carries out the odd royal engagement on the side but that number is nowhere near the same as what a senior ranking royal would carry out.

Check out Princess Eugenie’s greatest hits on Instagram below!

She’s a proud daughter

Over the weekend, Eugenie delighted fans when she posted a rare behind-the-scenes photo of her dad Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace.

The incredible pic shows the Duke of York standing proudly in his military attire just moments before the family’s annual appearance on the balcony for the Trooping the Colour parade.

Side note: how long is that hallway? It literally goes on forever and is SO mesmerising to stare at. Andrew doesn’t look too shabby, either.

Sisters first, princesses second

Eugenie is incredibly close with her older sister Princess Beatrice, 29, and her Instagram account is awash with sweet sister moments from the past and present.

“90s throwback…wedding planning starts!!” Eugenie hilariously captured one throwback pic of the duo as bridesmaids.

She’s not afraid to take the piss

The Queen might be renowned for her stiff upper lip, but her granddaughter isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

In fact, Eugenie’s quite funny!

Note: Since this article was published, it turned out that Meghan had a secret Instagram all along.

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