Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Susie Bradley is unrecognisable in these photos before plastic surgery

Is that you, Susie?

Married at First Sight Australia bride Susie Bradley has made no secret of the fact that she's had a little help in the looks department.
Admitting to breast augmentation, anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers, the 25-year-old single mum clearly takes pride in her appearance and has happily flaunted her polished new look on the show and in sexy social media selfies.
These newly resurfaced photos, however, show just how much the aged-care worker has changed.
Susie now, and Susie in 2013 before she had her daughter, Baby.
Susie has become a poster girl of sorts for plastic surgery. Thai clinic that performed her breast implants has recently used images of the MAFS star for its publicity, posting Susie's cleavage heavy selfies alongside adverts for the procedure, which costs from $4250.
Susie in 2015, and Susie now.
Susie isn't the only Married at First Sightparticipant to admit to cosmetic enhancement. Her long-suffering husband Billy Vincent admits to having used Botox in the past.
"I wish I had it for the show, because all I do on TV is scrunch up my face with disbelief that people like this exist," he quipped in a thinly veiled barb at at the way Susie treated him.
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Martha Kalifatidis has had a number of procedures done, admitting to a nose job, Botox and breast augmentation.
She partly blames working in the beauty industry for her self-criticism. "I'm not insecure, just critical. There's obviously little tweaks that we all wish we could change about ourselves."
Susie revealed that she got breast implants after having her daughter, now three, "because breastfeeding annihilated what I had."
She was with the father of her child since she was 14, but found herself suddenly single 18 months ago when he moved out, admitting "It's taken me a while to find my feet as a single person!"
Even though things didn't work out with Billy, Susie is single no more, having recently gone public with her new boyfriend, former NRL bad boy Todd Carney.
Sharing a photo on Instagram, she wrote "I have waited so long for the day to come where this saying makes complete sense and now it finally does..."

"One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else " @tcarney86 You are 100% that person and I am so incredibly in love with you xxxxxxxx #luckiestgirlintheworld".
Her ex-husband Billy wasn't too happy at the news. "What can I say? That's a really hard one for me, I've got mixed feelings about that," he said. "You can really see Susie's judge of character by the people that she hangs out with."