Married at First Sight

Which MAFS 2024 stars are together after the cameras stopped rolling?

We find out who’s really together and who’s not! 

As we bid farewell to yet another chaotic season of Married At First Sight Australia, Woman’s Day tracks down the four remaining couples to see whether they’re still committed, kaput or if their situation is a little more complicated…

Jack & Tori

In what will be a surprise to many viewers, we’re told Jack Dunkley, 34, and Tori Adams, 27, have remained the strongest of the couples to come out of the experiment.

Dubbed “fake” by both viewers and contestants throughout the season, the controversial couple have proved the naysayers wrong by still standing firmly by each other months after the cameras stopped rolling.

“Jack flew to Melbourne to spend Christmas with Tori and her family. She’s now in the process of moving in with him on the Gold Coast,” a show source spills. “Once the series wrapped, Jack started being more honest about his feelings and stopped playing the bad-boy character.”

In typical MAFS fashion, the couple plans to capitalise on their love. They’re reportedly staging meet-and-greet events across Queensland, charging fans up to $129 to get a photo with them.

Sara & Tim

After wading through a tsunami of scandals throughout the season, fans were hoping that Sara Mesa, 29, and Tim Calwell, 31, would be strong enough to last the distance outside of the experiment.

Unfortunately, our insider spills, “Sara and Tim were over before they ever really started. After leaving final vows together, Sara flew to Bali with Lauren [Dunn] for a girls’ trip. When she came back just before the reunion, she pretty much split up with Tim at the dinner table.

“Tim is now in a relationship with a Brazilian woman he briefly dated before MAFS 2024. They reconnected after he returned from the reunion and quickly went official.”

Eden & Jayden

We thought they’d last the distance, but Eden Harper, 28, and Jayden Eynaud, 26, are uncertain. They were moving in the right direction shortly after the show wrapped last year. However, the pair seem to have recently hit a snag – the couple have now just announced on April 17 that they have split.

“Jayden and Eden have split up and got back together so many times over the last couple of months that no one can keep up with whether they currently love or hate each other,” our source divulges.

Just last week, Eden called Jayden “disrespectful” after he was seen partying shirtless with bride Lauren. “It felt almost a little bit intentional on Lauren’s behalf to hurt my feelings. Maybe Jayden as well,” Eden said publicly.

Jade & Ridge

Although they arrived at the reunion hand in hand, don’t let that fool you. It’s understood that Jade Pywell, 26, and Ridge Barredo, 27, had a huge fight the night before and things have been uncertain since then.

We’re told, “He was going to move to the Gold Coast to be with her at Christmas, but then they had another fight. Then they made up and he got a tattoo of her to show his love. Now they’re talking about moving in again, but no one thinks it will actually happen.”

Unlikely MAFS 2024 match-ups

Natalie & Ash

Are you ready for the most unlikely pair to come out of the experiment? Natalie Parham and Ash Galati were spotted attending Melbourne Fashion Week together earlier this year! However, Ash has since quashed rumours of a romance, insisting, “We’re just friends.”

Timothy & Andrea

They both didn’t find love with their own partners, but fans have since spotted Timothy Smith and Andrea Thompson out in recent weeks. This has sparked speculation they could be seeing each other on the sly! We’d love to see this.

Ellie & Jono

Though pictures hinted at a romance, fans were still gobsmacked when Jonathan McCullough confirmed on the show that he had formed a connection with Kiwi bride Ellie Dix. The couple are now living together on the Gold Coast. Jono says, “We’re so comfortable and haven’t spent a night apart since we got together.”

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