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All of the feuds on Married At First Sight Australia 2024

Because it can be hard to keep up with the drama when a group of such strong-minded participants enter a reality TV show...
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Married At First Sight Australia is the show that will never stop coming, and while its purpose is to find love for its participants, most of the time always they find is drama.

Love and hate is a fine line. With the MAFS participants constantly being pushed outside of their comfort zones, feuds are bound to begin.

The arguments began early with the 2024 brides and grooms, hooking fans from the very beginning. But with so many people yelling at one another each and every dinner party, it can be difficult to remember who is feuding with who. Now the participants are in the outside world, they are somewhat free to say how they truly feel…

We’ve kept track of who is feuding on Married At First Sight Australia 2024, continue scrolling for the summary.

So many MAFS arguments!

Sara and Cassandra

When we saw Cassandra pipe up during the promo for the final ceremony, it was anyone’s guess as to who she was calling “weak.” To our surprise, she was calling out Sara while talking about her relationship with Tim.

“Everything out of mouth is a lie. She lies to make herself look better, there’s nothing honest about her. You’ve just been playing games,” Cassandra said.

Sara claimed to have “never spoken a word” to her throughout the entire experiment and if Cassandra had ever asked her any personal questions, Cassandra responded: “I don’t want to get to know you, trust me I’ve seen enough.”

After Sara’s cheating scandal erupted, Cassandra shared her thoughts to the camera crew – overall, it wasn’t positive. Was this the reason why Cassandra voiced her opinions during the final episode, or is there something more?

Michael and Ellie both shared Cassandra’s sentiment as the former expressed, “the character that you’ve displayed though, that’s why” and the latter saying “here here.”


MAFS bride Sara was in the centre of a lot of the 2024 season's feuds

Eden, Jayden and Lauren

While this tiff didn’t happen on screen, an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Australia revealed Eden wasn’t impressed with her ‘grooms’ night out with Lauren.

Lauren and Jayden enjoyed at night out at the club – with the kickboxer taking off his shirt, a night which Eden considers “disrespectful.”

“I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me,” she said. “It felt almost a little bit intentional from Lauren’s half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well.”

“I think that the second that I wasn’t there for her to be all over him and there’s a clip where she grabs his hand and puts it on her chest and stuff like that.”

Eden then revealed she is a “a little bit embarrassed” by their “inappropriate” actions. Meanwhile, Lauren shrugged off the statements recalling the night which ended with her in an Uber and a “cheeseburger.”

Lauren denied the speculation that she was “making a move on Jayden.”

“Not Jayden, the kid’s about six years younger than me, and he’s just, he’s not for me. And he’s with Eden, apparently,” she said.

Sara and Michael

It was an emotion driven and unexpected argument between Sara and Michael. The groom was hurt after catching his husband “flirting with the hairdresser” and accused Stephen of “emotional cheating.”

After Cassandra pointed out that physical sparks are fleeting, Sara addressed that Stephen had been trying for three weeks when Michael interrupted.

“You have not been behind our doors. He has not tried for three weeks,” he said. “You worry about your own relationship.”

To which Sara advised he stopped “lashing out” at people.

“No because your making no sense to me because your shallow. You shut up right now your getting on my nerves,” he said.

While this feud seemed like an outburst, its unclear if this is disagreement will continue throughout the season.

Sara and Michael had a disagreement.

Tori and Cassandra

This is wild card we didn’t expect this season.

After Timothy and Jayden’s disagreement fizzled out at the dinner party, Tori didn’t appreciate the “smug” look Timothy was sporting.

“I could not stand by a man who displayed himself like Timothy did today,” she told the camera crew.

But Cassandra voiced her opinion that Timothy’s “smug” look was just “his face.”

“Don’t back Timothy. And small bites babe, don’t come for the top. I’m sorry, there’s a f—–g food chain here and you are not at the top. Shut up,” she told the crew.

“She doesn’t speak, but when she does it annoys me. No one speaks to me like that.”

Tori and MAFS 2024 husband Jack were deep amongst the controversial feuds too.
Tori isn’t happy with Cassandra.

Timothy and Jayden

We are on the edge of our seats waiting for this feud to appear. The sparks were made during one of the commitment ceremonies where Timothy felt he was thrown “under the bus” by Lucinda.

The relationship experts weren’t convinced a romantic connection between the pair was forming and asked why write ‘stay’ if a mere friendship was being formed. When Jayden said: “Tim at the end of the day this is a marriage experiment not a friendship experiment.”

“I don’t need advice from you,” Timothy responded, admitting he didn’t want advice from someone younger than him.

During the following dinner party, neither groms held back as Jayden asked where the relationship was heading, despite Lucinda reassuring him.

“You’ll have nothing in life,” Timothy yelled, moments before slamming his fist on the table. While everyone was shocked, Lauren had the best reaction: “No one spills my wine that’s for sure.”

Jayden and Timothy had a heated discussion during the dinner party.

Lauren and Jack

“Can you muzzle your woman?”

Jack laid it all on the line when he uttered those words to Jonathan during the third dinner party of the season.

It all began when Jonathan informed his wife, Lauren, that Jack said: “‘If we get to couple swap week and we haven’t slept together, you guys can sleep with her.”

Lauren, feeling her friend and Jack’s wife Tori was “disrespected, went head-to-head with the groom at the dinner table when it all kicked off. Everyone was shocked by Jack’s words, but none more so than relationship expert John Aiken who didn’t hold back during the following commitment ceremony.

Timothy versus Jack and Tori

While arguments with Timothy, Jack and Tori have quite escalated to that of Jack and Lauren’s, the feud continues to rear its head throughout the experiment.

“Tori and Jack are full of s–t,” Timothy said.

“There’s no problem with having an opinion. I sit there and I’ve got an opinion on everything, that’s my right and that’s my duty. Suck it up princess, if you don’t like it go somewhere else.”

Timothy doesn’t believe Jack and Tori are being honest about their relationship. Meanwhile, Tori believes Timothy doesn’t “like [his] wife.”

The feud currently seems to be tit for tat, but we don’t doubt more will be said between the pair.

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