Married at First Sight

MAFS fan favourite Lucinda and Timothy have left the experiment as best friends!

It seems the experiment may have ended in a friendship at first sight for these two.
Images: David Hahn

Kiwis took one giant collective sigh last night after the golden couple of Married At First SightLucinda Light and Timothy Smith, decided to call time on their marriage.

But while their union has ended on screen, the pair reveal they’re still very much in each other’s lives. “We still talk every day,” Timothy, 51, tells Woman’s Day.

“Especially at the moment as the show’s still on,” Lucinda, 43, adds. “Just to support each other and make sure we’re checking in. I’m so grateful for Tim in my life, actually,” she gushes.

Lucinda and Tim have stayed strong friends.

Rekindling the flame?

The couple say their decision to leave the experiment was a culmination of multiple things, however Tim’s declining mental health was a big catalyst.

“Tim was spiralling, particularly when we got to Melbourne [for homestays] there was a lot going on personally for him,” Lucinda says.

“There was something that they didn’t show, which was I had a mate’s dad pass away and that brought up some sh*tty feelings for me. I just wanted to run away,” explains Tim.

“It wasn’t Lu’s fault. I was just done with the experiment. By that stage we were 11 weeks in and I was drained.”

Tim says they’ve since hung out outside the show, with Lucinda recently returning to the infamous “man cave” apartment. “It’s been given a spruce up that’s for sure,” she says. However the pair insist there’s been no attempt at reconciling a romantic relationship.

“Definitely not,” Lucinda says. “Through the experiment we respectfully decided we were soul family and we’re both really grateful for that.”

The fan favourites have come out best pals!

Strong support network

Timothy admits the viewer backlash that has come his way, particularly after the homestay episodes, has been challenging these past few weeks, but credits Lucinda, who has studied in holistic practices, with helping him through.

“It’s been a tough 48 hours, that’s for sure,” he says. “[But] I go to therapy, three times a week, and I’m so grateful to have Lu,” he says.

“I honestly feel like I’ve got a friend for life in her.”

Despite leaving the experiment with a solid friendship, the pair admit they’d be apprehensive to go through the ordeal again. “I don’t know whether I’d have it in me to do it again, it’s really hard,” says Tim, while Lucinda says she’d “have to be paid a lot more money”!

However it may not be long until we see Lucinda and Tim on our screens again, with Tim teasing that Lucinda and himself have “lots of exciting things in the works”!

“Watch this space, OK?” he adds.

Lucinda and Timothy sound off on…

Ridge and Jade

Lucinda: I think they’re genuine.

Tim: Bulls**t. I don’t believe a thing that comes out of that kid’s mouth.

Sara and Tim

Lucinda: Oh, God, no comment.
Tim: Pass.
Lucinda: Yeah, I don’t really know what to say about that one.
Tim: Yeah, what do I say? I’d like to stay out of that one.

Jono and Lauren

Lucinda: I just don’t think there was an alignment there.
Tim: I love them both.
Lucinda: I think Ellie and Jono, even though they weren’t matched together, they’re going to be the most genuine couple to come from this season.

Eden and Jayden

Lucinda: We love Eden.
Tim: We’ve got a lot of time for Eden. I’ve never had any time for Jayden… Anyone that’s still living at home can’t call himself a man.
Lucinda: I’m not convinced by Jayden.

Jack and Tori

Tim: Look, they deserve each other and whatever is coming in the future. Are they into each other? That’s different. I think one is and one isn’t. I think one is playing a massive game.
Lucinda: I think Tori’s a little bit blindsided and under the spell of Jack. I don’t dislike them, but I’ve been confused by their relationship and I haven’t agreed with their behaviour.

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