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The Blue Rose uncovered

The stars of TV3’s hit new series spill their set secrets to the Weekly.
The Blue Rose uncovered

Take a meek office temp, a feisty courier driver and the death of a legal PA and you get a smart whodunnit that’s got Kiwi viewers on the edge of their seats. TV3’s new series The Blue Rose reunites Outrageous Fortune co-stars Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall – but while the pair say it’s been fun working together again, knowing each other so well made shooting scenes tricky, says Siobhan. “The director kept saying, ‘Do it again, you’re too familiar. Remember, you don’t know each other.’”


Anna Jullienne says the tight outfits and high heels she wears as ruthless PA Krystle help her to get into character. “I feel a bit more busy and important and not like me at all. On Shortland Street, I just wore jeans and sneakers all the time. So on this show, I don’t care about the foot pain and I don’t care about the tightness of my skirt!” But for Siobhan, the best bit about playing Linda is not having to wear tiny skirts and boots, as she did in Outrageous. “But I’ve still got really tight pants.”

The role of Jane was specifically written for Antonia (pictured here with director Michael Duignan). She says the character is closest to her in personality than anyone else she’s ever played.

When she wasn’t getting her hands dirty, driving motorbikes or getting tattoos (above), Siobhan says her character was more often than not stuffing her face! “I had to eat like five pies because I had two pie scenes in a row. So I ate pies for five hours.”

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