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The Bachelor NZ: Rebecca discusses her elimination

Rebecca speaks to Woman's Day about being sent home.
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Last night, Rebecca Trelease left The Bachelor New Zealand without a rose and without an explanation.

Indeed, after Jordan Mauger instigated an intense conversation about Rebecca’s line of study – specifically in the field of reality TV – the rest-home attendant was sent packing, a decision she says is “disappointing.”

Rebecca Trelease left without a rose on The Bachelor New Zealand.

“He was acting as if it was the first he heard of it, but we’d had this conversation more than once,” tells Rebecca.

“On my single date at Rainbow’s End, I took him all the way through what the paper really was – we’d covered it all in great depth. I handed it in last November, in my mind it was all behind me.”

But the strung-out Bachelor wasn’t so sure. And while the show’s early favourite insists she was there for all the right reasons, Jordan began to question if he was merely a subject of her academic paper.

“I’m still unsure why it became a problem,” she says. “We had such a great connection for so long that is seems a shame that he would all of a sudden doubt that. I was there to find love!

“At that point leaving the show was definitely not a shock. I knew there was no coming back from that. Jordan’s taking most girls aside to make out with them and he’s taking me away to rehash a conversation about something we’d already dealt with. It definitely made me question where we were headed.”

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