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The Bachelor NZ: Shari says goodbye

The bachelorette dishes on love, Tinder and what she's planning to do with that diamond necklace from Jordan!
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Shaka Brah Shari’s shot at love with Jordan Mauger ended on The Bachelor NZ last night but the bubbly brunette is wasting no time getting back on the dating bandwagon. With her Tinder profile already up and running, the early childhood teacher is still on the lookout for that special someone.

“I’ve checked Tinder already,” the 24-year-old from Paraparaumu confesses to Woman’s Day. “It’s going well. I think I’d definitely be open to going on some Tinder dates now. Why not? Free food and some drinks. Maybe they could take me to an art gallery or something.”

It was Shari’s signature sense of humour that initially saw her bond with the brooding bachelor but in the end her love of laughing proved to be her downfall. When Jordan pulled Shari away for some alone time last night, the light-hearted bachelorette failed to convince him she was looking for something serious.

“I could kind of sense that it was going to be me last night. After our chat he was definitely looking to get something out of me and I didn’t really give him much. I didn’t really throw myself out there.”

“I think at the beginning we definitely had a spark and we just got on great and laughed at all the same jokes and whatnot but that was where it ended. I definitely don’t have any hard feelings towards him or any regrets. He’s looking for love and one girl is going to win. But it is sad to leave, I had the best time of my life.”

And as for her much-discussed diamond necklace? She’s still got it and is waiting for a special occasion to wear it.

“It’s quite dressy so I can’t really just wear it with jeans. I’ll have to wear it to something fancy. Maybe my wedding!”

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