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Woman’s Day On The Go: Halberg Awards 2017

New Zealand's sporting stars dressed up in their finest to celebrate at the Halberg Awards
Liam Malone, Sophie Pascoe

New Zealand’s sporting icons dressed up in their finest to celebrate at the Halberg Awards last night in Auckland’s Vector Arena.

With celebrated athletes including Lydia Ko, Sophie Pascoe, Dame Valerie Adams and more in attendance, the annual ceremony had no shortage of Kiwi sports stars.

The Supreme Halberg Award went to Lisa Carrington, who won gold in the K1 200 and bronze in the K1 500 events in Brazil. The 27-year-old accepted the top trophy from 2000 Sydney Olympics single scull gold medallist, Rob Waddell.

Other finalists for the award this year included Lydia Ko, Luuka Jones and Dame Valerie Adams.

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All photos by Carmen Bird

Hamish and Marisa Carter

Lisa Carrington, Michael Buck

Eric Murray, Jackie Murray

Sudhir Lala, Joyce Samy

Courtney O’Brien, Luuka Jones

Andrew Little, Louisa Wall

Hamish Bond, Noel Donaldson, Eric Murray

Jordyn Brierley, Joseph Sullivan

Hamish Bond, Lizzie Bond

Richard Peebles, Suzanne Kitley

Natalie Charteris, Christina Turner

Ruben and Santa Wiki

Dillon and Nikki Boucher, Justin and Liz Bailey

Justin and Liz Bailey

Dillon and Nikki Boucher

Mahe and Juliette Drysdale

Ruben, Santa, Kenzie and Denzel Wiki

Sophie Pascoe and Liam Malone

Steve and Tash Hansen

Sarah Walker, Monty Betham

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko, Jan Rowsell

MC Kim, Lydia Ko, Hans Noe

Laura McGoldrick

Monty Betham, Lydia Ko, Sarah Walker

Lydia Ko

Bill English, Diane English, John Hart

Monty Betham and Kieran Read

Bill English and Lydia Ko

Peter Burling, Blair Tuke, Anthony Niterl, George Harper Jr, Andrew James

Eliza McCartney, Lukas Walton-Keim

Peter Burling, Blair Tuke

Hannah Hickling, Penny Ydgren

Jo Pascoe, Sophie Pascoe, Garry Pascoe

Lisa Curran, Sir Owen Glenn

Rosanne Ellis, Kerry Spackman

Bryan Williams and Lesley Williams

Laura McGoldrick, Sophie Pascoe, Lydia Ko and Sarah Walker

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