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Naz Khanjani goes public with new love Daniel Mazzola

The former Bachelorette has spoken out about her new relationship

The Bachelor NZ’s Naz Khanjani has found new love with 31-year-old Hamilton bodybuilder and bricklayer Daniel Mazzola.

The couple, who have been talking for around three months and got together after Dan split from his ex-girlfriend, are currently doing long distance with Naz living in Auckland and Dan based in Hamilton.

However, the duo tell Newhub that they plan to see each other every weekend and during the week as well, with Naz revealing she’ll “probably” end up making the move to Hamilton to be with her man.


“He’s got his life together and he knows what he wants. He’s not into the party scene any more, he’s mature,” she told Newshub.

“Right from the start, he told me the next girl he wants to be with is the one he wants to settle down with and get married to. That’s what I want too.”

The news comes after Naz’s bitter breakup with ex Craig Sutherland, with the relationship falling apart amidst claims of infidelity – something he later denied.

The news comes after Naz split from ex Craig Sutherland.

This time around, Naz said she initially kept her new romance private, in part because of the pressure she felt to “keep it together” with Craig due to being in the public eye.

“Now we’re pretty positive about everything, we’re very happy with each other, we have no doubts,” she told Newshub.

While the feisty former Bachelorette endured her fair share of controversy after her bolshy behaviour on the show, Dan says his friend and family have been supportive of his new relationship.

“She’s very strong-willed and she stands up for herself, but I’d never call her nasty or a b—h or anything like that.”

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