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Alicia Cowan tells all: “I’m still looking for love”

The latest bachelorette left heartbroken by Jordan Mauger tells us why she was "disappointed" by her exit
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She may have won the hearts of the 20 animals that she shares her home with but jilted bachelorette Alicia Cowan won’t be bringing Jordan Mauger home to join the party anytime soon.

The file management officer from Te Awamutu is the latest lady to be sent packing on the hit TV3 show, with her journey ending in tears as Jordan denied her a rose during last night’s episode.

“They were tears of disappointment,” Alicia, 26, tells Woman’s Day. “I was disappointed he didn’t give us the opportunity to have a full single date to get to know each other better before making that decision.”

However, the animal-lover wasn’t surprised by Jordan’s decision, saying she knew it was going to be her going home.

“I kind of noticed he was avoiding eye contact with me at the last cocktail party and essentially ignoring me I guess. It wasn’t a shock. I was just trying to prepare myself.”

“Obviously he wasn’t the one and that’s okay. I’m completely accepting of the fact that I’m not the one for him and I knew going into it that that could potentially be the case. I don’t have any regrets at all, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happy that I stayed true to myself.”

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Alicia bid a teary farewell to Jordan on last night’s episode of The Bachelor New Zealand. Photo: Supplied

Unlike most of her counterparts, Alicia refused to approach Jordan at the last two cocktail parties, saying she felt it was up to him to make an effort with her.

“The reason I didn’t approach him at the last two cocktail parties is because the last time I saw him I gave him a gift so I thought that it was his turn and that if he wanted to talk to me he should come and approach me. Obviously he didn’t want to and that’s fine.”

And Alicia insists the experience hasn’t put her off looking for love.

“I definitely saw a lot of potential in Jordan but I think he’s a lot keener on travelling than I am and that wouldn’t have been practical with my furry children. So I’m definitely still looking for love. I can’t wait to find my special someone who accepts me quirkiness and all. Hopefully he’s out there somewhere and finds me sometime soon.”

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