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The only 10 travel hacks you’ll ever need

From getting the cheapest deals to having the most comfortable flight – here are the only travel hacks you’ll ever need.

From getting the best deals to making your flight as comfortable as possible – here are the only ten travel hacks you’ll ever need.

Clear your cookies

Any web-savvy traveller knows that repeatedly checking flights will force the price up. Clear your cookies before you book to make sure you don’t get caught out.

Consider booking one way

Return deals aren’t always the cheapest. Check apps like Skiplagged to see cheap one way deals, and you might end up getting a holiday that’s drastically cheaper.

Book eight weeks in advance

According to Cheap Air, there is a trick to booking your flights, and you should aim to do so 54 days ahead of travelling for the best deal. That’s about 8 weeks in advance.

Buy garment folders

These ingenious little devices help maximise space in your bag and keep your clothes wrinkle free. What more could you need?

Pack the perfect carry on

We Kiwis know the pain of long haul. With pretty much every destination outside of the Pacific being in the 12 hour + region, we’re all familiar with the pain of sitting still for hours on end. Pack the perfect carry on bag to make the journey as pain-free as possible. Cosy socks, a poncho, toothbrush and toothpaste, sleep mask – these should all be in your carry on.

Use maps without WiFi

When you land in and have access to WiFi at the airport. Open maps and star any points of interest (your apartment, local supermarket, historical sites etc.) When you open up maps when the WiFi is turned off, you’ll still be able to see your location, and whether you’re heading the right way to town!

Go left

Most of us are right handed. That means subconsciously our brains lead us right too. Go against the grain and choose left hand queues – they are almost always quicker.

Hone your travel outfit

Seasoned travellers know that comfort means a pair of leggings, a tee, a cosy jumper and some slip on shoes. Hone your travel outfit and you’ll never stray from it again.

Use google translate

You can use this app even when your wifi is switched off, and it can help you in a situation where neither of you have ANY idea what is being said.

Barter with your host

It’s always worth asking if you can bend the rules cited on the Air BnB site – they’re only human after all. See if you can leave your property late or store your luggage, or see if they’ll do you a cheaper deal if you pay up front.

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