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How to pack in style: 10 things a model never travels without

International plus-size model and marine biologist Laura Wells shares the ten items she'll never travel without... and they're not what you'd think.

Travelling around the world for work on a monthly basis, jetting from studio to studio, you tend to become a bit of an expert at packing and packing well.

We wanted to know what packing tips Laura had picked up; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with her response.

The 10 items Laura never travels without

Besides the essentials such as my phone, my laptop and my wallet, I take:

  • 2XU compression socks for the flight, so my ankles don’t swell like a balloon and DVT reasons of course!

  • Reusables: water bottle, cutlery, bag, bowl and cup, to minimise my footprint and avoid disposable plastic everywhere I go

  • Day time backpack so I can adventure during my days off as I travel a lot for work.

  • Solar panel and phone recharging battery

  • Snacks…. always snacks. Nuts, seeds, chocolate, fruit

  • Comfy hippy baggie pants for the flight and general bumming around

  • Gym clothes and shoes to work out

  • The Happy Cow app on my phone to find delicious vegetarian restaurants and stores in any city in the world

  • All natural, chemical free Face serum to survive the perpetual aeroplane dryness

  • A first aid kit complete with space blankets, tourniquet, compressions bandages, medications and wound dressings and gloves! I’ve dealt with quite a few medical emergencies during my travels. Not mine – they were all strangers!

Bonus packing tips for your most organised holiday ever

A little extra packing tip from us.

A classic army saying is “be minimalist with EVERYTHING other than ammo and water,” which obviously doesn’t translate to every day life but it good advice to consider as a general term.

It sounds obvious but it’s true. Don’t include things you might need in a very certain situation. For example if you’re off to a tropical island and pack a ski jacket because it might get cold.

Unless you’re going to a remote location, toiletries such body wash and shampoo can be purchased on arrival.

This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it will cost more to wash everything in your bag if a bottle of conditioner explodes mid-flight.

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