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Confessions from the super yachts

From cleaning up used syringes to ensuring the fruit bowl never reached room temperature, one young woman shares her most shocking stories from working on the super yachts.
Confessions from the super yachts

The super-rich spend their summers cruising the European seas with a host of young people from all around the world acting as their staff. And as one woman learnt, they feel they can demand anything.

From cleaning up used syringes to ensuring the fruit bowl never reached room temperature, here she shares her most shocking stories.

The captain who never showered

“He was really proud of the fact that he didn’t shower and made a point of bringing it up with us. Luckily, I didn’t have to share a room with him but his stench would seep out from under his door into my room. That’s how much he stunk. It was like a rotting corpse on board. I would say it was a good three months until he finally was forced to wash by the owner of the yacht.”

The many girlfriends

“When I got on the boat, there were boxes. One was for Marta^ and the other was for Lauren^ and another for his ex-wife. It had all their individual things and lists of things to buy them when they came on board. When they did come on board, you’d set up their box with their own beauty area and their wardrobe. I was always worried I’d say the wrong name.”

The overly pampered dog

“His ‘main’ girlfriend was way-too attached to her dog – it was her baby. It got fed tuna steaks and one night, they made us feed it a really gourmet, rich ice cream. The dog ended up with diarrhoea. We were docked in Monaco and because the Grand Prix was on, everyone was walking along the water. There I was, holding the dog while my boyfriend had to hose down it’s bum. The stupid little fluffy dog.”

The syringes for ‘vitamins’

“They said they were injecting vitamins which I did see them do but overtime, things didn’t add up. His behaviour became erratic – just keep in mind this is a guy who had everything there for him from all meals being cooked to us even choosing his clothes. And then, he’d just lose it saying he was so stressed. They had a safe that we weren’t allowed to go near and often, once they’d visit the safe, they inject. Then they’d leave the syringes all around the room. We gave them a sharps bin but they’d just leave them uncapped next to it.”

The tampons on the floor

“One of the owners girlfriends would leave used tampons on the floor. If the owner was off the boat, she’d put her psycho head on and would just cause drama. She’d empty the bin on the floor for no reason other than she was just bored.”

The ‘always cold’ fruit

“The owner didn’t want the fruit at room temperature so we spent all day swapping fruit off the huge platter throughout the day. The girlfriend would go and touch it just to check it was cold. She wouldn’t even eat it. She just wanted to check.”

The poo in the sink

“One of the other stewardesses picked up a towel in the sink, thinking it was just a dirty towel. But there was a poo wrapped up inside. The owner would also poo his pants and wouldn’t even get embarrassed by it because he’d just leave his pants on the floor. And then his girlfriend would walk through it with her bare feet.”

^Names have been changed.

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