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The Big Bang Theory star refuses pain relief

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is using natural techniques to relieve the pain from the severe hand injury she sustained in a car crash.

Mayim, who first made her name on the show Blossom, almost lost a finger in a serious crash and says she used the same techniques she used during childbirth to get her through the trauma.

Mayim Bialik used the same techniques she used for natural childbirth for pain relief

“[I used] a lot of deep breathing,” she told Access Hollywood. “Everything I used for natural labor, I absolutely used at the scene of this accident.”

The star says since the accident, she has been recouping with her family – husband Michael Stone and her children Fred (4) and Miles (6).

Mayim Bialik can now move all of her fingers

She can move all her fingers and is now turning her attention to Emmy Awards in September. “We can get this whole contraption in black for Emmy night,” she said, pointing to her cast. “That’s really what’s important, right?”

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