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Katie Price angry with Alex Reid

Katie Price is furious with her husband Alex Reid after discovering that he is unable to give her children.

The former glamour model is desperate to conceive with her husband of four months, but so far they’ve had no luck – and rumour has it, it’s due to Alex having a low sperm count. Katie, already has three children, Harvey (8), Junior (4) and daughter Princess Tiaamii (2) and allegedly told her husband, “I’ve had loads of babies in the past. This is your problem, not mine.”

A source close to the couple explains saying, “They’ve been trying for weeks and weeks, and she’s reached the end of her tether. She blames Alex and finds it embarrassing because she told the world she’d have his baby as soon as she could.

He tried with his last girlfriend but it didn’t work out. Katie feels cheated he didn’t tell her so she’s being vile to him. He feels her obsession with having a baby is destroying their marriage.”

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