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Helen Mirren wears y-fronts

We’re not sure if Katy Perry will be too happy, but Dame Helen oirren has revealed she’s stolen a pair of Russell Brand’s undies! After the two worked together on a stage production of ‘The Tempest’, Helen decided she needed a keepsake of the ‘Get Him to the Greek’ star and so took one in the form of Russell’s bright yellow y-fronts.

“I said, ‘Russell, I’m having those – my little memento of working with you,'” recalls Helen. “I just saw them in my closet earlier. I put them on occasionally.” We hope she gave them a good wash first!

However, if her husband Taylor Hackford is unhappy about her new choice of undergarment, he can take solace in the fact that his wife still looks great naked. After she appeared in a nude photo shoot, Helen revealed Taylor was ecstatic. “He loved them because he recognised me in them. That’s the Helen that he knows, as naked from the neck up as it is from the neck down.”

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